Grease Free Katie - The Drab Days

I am three weeks into this endeavour to give up chemical shampoo, and my hair feels absolutely disgusting. It looks relatively okay. Not horrifically greasy. But my god, it does not feel nice. However, this is because the grease (or sebum, to make me sound slightly less rancid), has begun to work its way down the hair, which is a good thing! It means my hair is conditioning itself. However, after nine hours spent in a stuffy room, and a further hour doing strong yoga poses, it does rather mean that my hair is less than savoury.

I am attempting to go for more days in between washes, and I as I had my last egg wash 9 days ago, and my last Bicarb wash 4 days ago, I think I am getting there! I have successfully (I think) deployed the head scarf, and wore it all day at work (I work as an NHS administrator, this means wearing little headsets (as I speak with patients) for long periods of the day — the scarf did not work so well for me during those moments), so that is definitely an option for tomorrow. As long as I can keep the stray fringe strands from falling too close to my head (they have an awful habit of leaving spots where they once resided), I think I will be able to front it through the final day. As I have an egg wash planned for Friday (one day away!), which will hopefully help clear some of this excess build up.

I am terribly excited about. With me luck, good fortune, and soft looking hair for tomorrow!