Storyteller Sit-downs: Sasu Siegelbaum

We’ve reached the 10th installation of SSD (Storyteller Sit-downs) — STILL making great content for all the loyal readers out there (& how about the alliteration in this headline?).

This is Sasu Siegelbaum. He’s a Finn with a background in journalism, who loves soccer, food, wine, languages and travel. He has lived in five different countries and speaks five languages. In his spare time, he drinks a lot of yerba máte and enjoys 1960s Italian cinema. He’s currently a social media producer. This is his Great Big Story.

Celebrity you’d most want to hear narrate a Great Big Story

SS: Tom Waits — His music is amazing, a huge part of my childhood and he has maybe the most distinctive voice I can think of that never gets old for me to hear. He’s also a very unique character.

GREAT music influence! One for the younger folks to do a bit of reading on.

Your favorite Great Big Story

SS: Off the Grid on a Homemade Island” — This is my favorite GBS story because it embodies everything I think we’re about. I love the humbleness of the characters, the unbelievable beauty of their surroundings and the ingenuity and hard work they put into their unique lifestyle and abode. This to me is exactly what we’re all about.

One of our most-viewed stories. A sound choice, Sasu.

A sneak peek at something cool you’re working on

SS: Over the past few weeks, I feel like I’ve gotten to know my co-workers much more intimately than ever before. I’ve been teaming up with our Senior Publicist, Eric Gonzalez, to share these Storyteller Sit-downs with the world through our daily newsletter (by the way if you haven’t already, please sign up for our daily newsletter — you’ll get exclusive access to unreleased stories, as well as our daily offerings at 7:30 a.m. EST six days each week).

The aforementioned Senior Publicist is definitely NOT the editor of this series…

Your tasting notes…Tell us some of the interesting things you’ve jotted down about wine (good or bad). Can we get a recommendation for date night?

SS: Tasting notes from an oenophile: We’re in the midst of red wine season now, but it’s also a celebratory time of year. With that in mind, I’m always up for a crisp sparkler or even a fuller-bodied white wine, if the meal calls for it. But what really gets me going right now is wine made in volcanic growing areas. Lately, I’ve been drinking very tasty wines from the Etna D.O.C. growing region in Sicily, which is known for producing earthy, minerally and balanced red wines at a great value — especially over the past three years. Whether you’re eating salmon, pork tenderloin or pasta with a red sauce, these wines are perfect for date night.

I could’ve sworn you were the sommelier from my City Winery tour last winter! I feel so educated right now.

A callout to your favorite Great Big Story social media supporter

SS: It was pretty exciting when Lil B started following us on Twitter. While I’m not necessarily a fan of his music, I also thought it was cool Nick Jonas gave us a shoutout on Twitter, as well.

Careful, Sasu. Team Jonas has supporters everywhere. Might need to go incognito walking around this city, at least for a little bit.

Weirdest studio prop seen around the office

SS: For our shoots to date, I’ve been asked to dress in: a Bigfoot costume, as a tennis player, a 1950’s hotel bellboy, a 19th century gentleman. But I still have to say it was somewhat unsettling to have to smear fake blood all over my hands for our video, “Playing Dead for a Living”.

For those interested in seeing Sasu’s [fake] bloodied hand, skip to the 1:09 mark in the video linked above.