Be Humble

Why does it seem that in most people’s view point’s humility cannot come with a large paycheck attached to it.

Most of us view poverty as humility’s kissing cousin, and see Mother Teresa’s lack of capital as the reason she was a so humble; when in fact it was her gentle nature, kindness, and loving heart.

We were raised with the notion that “money is the root of all evil”, yet when we look at the wealthiest communities we see the least amount’s of crimes committed (blue collar crimes that is). I do not remember the last time I saw a wealthy man breaking into a car in order to stripe it of it’s part’s to sell .

I am not saying that every rich man is humble, or every humble man is rich; what I am saying is that being in a state of lack may OFTEN times brings out the worst in ones own character’s.

For those who have reached some level of success in their lives, I am sure you have heard friends or family to tell you to be humble; yet these same people can turn around, and brag about how they did a job so much better than a co-worker. Every human has some level of ego in need of checking, it just so happens that money is the echo of the untamed ego.

There are celebrities who dedicate themselves to charity work, and the betterment of society; there are also people who have just enough to pay their rent who do the same thing. The amount of money is one’s bank account does not exemplify whether that person has certain virtues or not.

Success can often times bring on a sense of envy that may cloud our judgement when it comes to how we view those we see in position’s of power. Tom Cruise might say or do something that some of us feel is “so arrogant”, yet when we look in our own lives we may have done some of the same exact thing’s. The only difference is that when Tom Cruise does something outrageous the whole world see’s it.

Kendrick Lamar’s ode to humility was not a message to put down those in position’s of wealth, but a message to those who are in the penthouse suites down to those in on the inner city street’s. At the end of the day we can all use a does of humility. We must work daily on building a sense of self awareness and humility, for it is not something that can be brought about by empty pocket’s alone.

“Be Humble, Sit Down” — Kendrick Lamar