The Google fallout

Not a good week for Google

These are the companies that have pulled advertising from Google since the Youtube controversy (as of 23rd March)

1. AT&T

2. Verizon

3. Volkswagen

4. Enterprise Holdings

5. Havas

6. UK government (includes Royal Mail and Transport for London)

7. Lloyds Banking Group

8. McDonald’s

9. L’Oréal

10. Tesco

11. Renault

12. Honda

13. O2

14. Royal Bank of Scotland

15. Marks and Spencer

16. Channel 4

17. ITV

18. J Sainsbury and Argos

What can we learn from this? Brands cannot afford to be associated with toxic content. World events also influence people’s attitudes to such things, the recent discussions around terrorism has really shone a light on this side of Youtube advertising.

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