The Contest

“two men wearing boxing gloves” by Johann Walter Bantz on Unsplash

Adamma is a beautiful maiden that was wonderfully made by God,

she was yoked with him and this made her distinct.

one day why she was doing her normal daily routine at the farmland,

an ugly dude called diworwor came to her and told her that “if she wants

to be distinct and be like God, she should give him her crown”, she didn’t

even deem it fit to think why he wanted her crown in return or even asked

herself why would an ugly dude wants to make me beautiful when he is ugly.

She quickly gave it to him, her prince also did same and after that moment

she discovered that she was no longer yoked with her maker.
Yoked with her maker apart, she was in pain, agony, suffering from one thing

or the other she couldn’t tell where they gained entry from, the same was

applicable to other inhabitants of their kingdom. The ecosystem was also


To solve all the afflictions, everybody was trying one thing or the other, some

persons were trying to be moral, some even went after an egg called the egg

of life, others were offering sacrifices to the gods of the land and all that they

did couldn’t take away the yoke that had befallen them or was upon their


A contest was announced and it was Jesus, nwoke mara mma that will

represent Adamma’s people. so, the day of the battle came and he was

bruised, beaten black and yellow, that’s enh, “aku ru ya ife tinker kuru pan”

that even as a human wey you be, water go comot for your eye,

your body go dey do you one kind self because of all the things he went

through but do you know the funny thing, im papa wey dey for heaven dey

enjoy the blow wey him dey collect (Isaiah 53:10), naso Jesus collect all the

blows enh sotay if na you dey blow person or dey flog person you go tire self,

only you go surrender, naso Jesus collect am because of say them don f**k up

well well. Justice for an offense has to be met that’s why all the anger for our

f**k up got to be exhausted on him and Love has to be shown.

Everything was nailed to the cross, that wasn’t enough, he went to hell come

still defeat them self, collect the key, come even make shakara on top am self,

you know wetin oyibo dey call “he made a shew of them openly, triumphing

over them in it” — Colossians 2:15.

kai! omo come see gbedu for everywhere, you know as e dey be now, when

Nigeria win Olympic for 1996,

the jollification no be here, naso all the village people for them Adamma kingdom come dey happy sake

of say the yoke has been broken off their neck, they have been made

righteous and them come realize say they are beautiful because they are

a new creature and everything dey under their feet

(Ephesians 1 : 20–23).

P.S :
Adamma — is an igbo name meaning beautiful daughter, Ada is first daughter
Diworwor — is a slang in the niger delta used to describe a child that is ugly
aku ru ya ife tinker kuru pan — an igbo word meaning to be beaten hard like a panel-beater heating its metal plate
nwoke mara mma — is an igbo word for a beautiful man, handsome man oooooo
gbedu — is a slang for celebration, dancing

Read Isaiah 53 : 1–10 (The Message version).
Read Revelation 5.