30 September, 2014

Fall comes to Wilson Ave.

All of October and all of November… That’s what’s left of our 40 weeks of pregnancy, kid. If your November 30th due date is near accurate, we’ll be seeing you in a little over two months. And life is going to change forever. Crazy.

You (and I) continue to grow. Supposedly you are about 3 1/3 pounds and over 16 inches long. Kicking up a storm, as always. My brain can’t get adjust to the growth fast enough- I’m constantly bumping into doors, chairs and people as I pass. It’s hilariously challenging to put on socks and shoes. And it seems like forever since I last looked down and was able to see my feet.

Farmer Armstrong’s pumpkins at the Horner Park market.

The weather is now undoubtedly becoming fall-like. The summer fruits and greens have disappeared from the farmers market, replaced by apples, gourds, and other harvest time staples. But it’s still warm enough for pretty, late summer wild flowers to grow, even in gritty urban places.

We celebrated your Dad’s 33rd birthday last Friday (Sept 26th). We had dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant Rolls N’ Bowls, then picked up Charles and went to Cafe Ciao to see our friends Aylon and Mercedes perform together. Jane and Aylon’s dad were there when we arrived, and later on Leo and Regina turned up too. Then Dad grabbed his guitar and sat in for a few numbers. It was a really nice evening and we stayed out pretty late (2am is late for us anyway). I think we’ll remember that night for a very long time.

Feeling the birthday love at Cafe Ciao.

The next day we went to Grandma and Grandpa Moulthrop’s house to celebrate our birthdays. My own birthday is October 15th, so your Dad and I generally celebrate them together. There was a ton of great food and we enjoyed hanging out with your cousins Ethan and Lucas. Lucas is three and a half, and is very much aware that you are inside me. We talked a little bit about when he was born and how little he was… but now he’s a big kid. (He’s wants you to know that he’s going to be Spiderman for Halloween this year.)

Lucas and Ethan enjoying the great outdoors / Dad and I eating one-year-old wedding cake.

Dad and I also acknowledged our one year anniversary (a few weeks late) by sharing a piece of wedding cheesecake that Grandma Moulthrop had kept in her freezer for the past year. It was DELICIOUS!

I capped the weekend off by attending a going away party for my pal Mariel. We worked together for five years at an agency called G2, and she became not only one of my favorite art directors, but also a really good friend. She’s moving to Denver on Thursday. Hopefully she and Aunt Jill will become friendly. Mariel doesn’t know many people in Colorado, so perhaps Jill could introduce her to a new social circle.

Best work buddies! Mark, me and Mariel.

So much change happening all at once. Maybe it’s the time of year, or the fact that your arrival seems more real by the day, but I’ve never been so ready to embrace life’s impermanence.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” -Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

Love, Mom

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