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Living for the weekend

25 August, 2014

Hiya BB,

Off we go downtown to start another week of work. I’m hoping this one will be more relaxed than the last few have been! Luckily, we have a half-day on Friday and Monday off for Labor Day, so it should be easier.

So, this past weekend was a packed one. As I like to do, I walked over to Horner Park to buy some veggies from the farmer’s market. But this week, the live music was provided by your dad and his friend and bandmate Adrian. They occasionally play gypsy jazz together under the name Hot Club Thing.

Adrian’s wife Sarah and their 3 year old son Clark were there too, and we had a good time listening to the music. The sun was hot and the humidity was high; summer has FINALLY decided to settle in Chicago, after many, many weeks of unusually cool conditions. After the market, I came home and made pickles with the dill and cucumber I bought.

Later that night, Hot Club Thing played another show at a music club on Lincoln Ave called Martyr’s. This time, they played with a bassist called Danny Lopatka. The guys put on a great performance; they don’t play together nearly enough, in my opinion.

Yesterday was another good day; we went out to Sugar Grove to visit your Grandma and Grandpa Moulthrop for a little bit, and to take a dip in their community swimming pool. Very nice on a hot, hot day. It was jammed with little kids and their families, but we still managed to grab a couple lounge chairs and enjoy the sunshine.

After that, we went to a 2nd anniversary party for daddy’s pal Benny and his wife Claudia. Dad and Benny’s friendship goes way back to high school, and they play gypsy jazz together. Benny is a bassist; he now plays with a Chicago swing band called The Flat Cats. Claudia is from Bolivia, and she and Benny met at a church where Benny plays for the Sunday services. Claudia is awesome, loves kids, loves traditional Bolivian dancing, and is a fantastic cook and baker.

On the ride back to the city, we threw some names around, trying to figure out what to call you. Sean? Everett? Archer? Gus? Hugh? Leo? Kaius? Matthew? Who are you, fella? We still have time to figure it out… but the bigger you grow, the more excited I am to know you better.

Hot Club Thing at Martyr’s / Dad cool by the pool / Ben and Claudia celebrate 2 years!
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