New Routines

3 June 15

Hello, my little potato,

Happy on your 5-month birthday! 5–9–15

You turned five months old a few weeks ago, and you are just amazing. Cheerful, relaxed, with a quick, easy and positively adorable smile that never fails to make your daddy and me smile back.

You are transitioning out of that helpless, impassive infant stage, and you’re really beginning to connect with us and everyone who lays eyes on you. You get a lot of attention wherever we go. Complete strangers routinely remark on how alert your eyes are, and admire how cute and good looking you are. As your mom, I am obviously flattered for you. Of course, I couldn’t agree more.

Sleepy smile on 5–8–15

We’re in a good, solid stretch of a stable routine. You are not yet sleeping through the night, but you are doing better. Longer stretches. The occasional bedtime with no protests. Those are good nights. Gives us hope that an easier routine is just around the corner.

One new routine: Dad has decided that AT&T is just not for him. Truth be told, after taxes, union dues and paying for your child care, his take-home pay is minuscule. So he quit. He’ll begin caring for you at home full time in mid-June. Until then, you’ll continue to go to Jess 4 days a week.

Enjoying a stroll down Wilson Ave.

We’ve finally been enjoying some spring weather in Chicago. It was pure euphoria to remove the fleece liner from your car seat, and begin sorting through hand-me-down summer clothes from your cousins. When we can, your dad and I take you for walks around the neighborhood or just enjoy sitting with you outside on the back deck.

Waiting for the doc.

We took you to your four-month well baby doc’s appointment (a few weeks late due to your cold) and she asked if you were sleeping through the night yet. Of course, the answer was ‘not quite.’ You were weighed (16lbs) and measured (26 inches), and deemed a healthy size, but a little on the small end of the percentile scale. The doc suggested upping your milk intake and starting solids in a couple weeks if you didn’t start sleeping longer. Well, okay. Nevermind that your folks are both below-average in size… I guess we’ll see if we can bulk you up.

I love this time of year, because special occasions pop up on the calendar all the time. First came our cousins’ Tony and Ashley’s wedding, which happened on Mother’s Day this year, 5–10–15.

5/10/15 — The Gipsy Trio played the ceremony and cocktail hour. / Ashley and Tony’s first dance!

Those two radiant kids threw a fantastic party. Your dad, Dave and Benny played the ceremony and cocktail hour as The Gipsy Trio. You wore an adorable “three piece” suit which made you look like a wee investment banker. Ashley looked gorgeous in the dress she bought with tip money from the coffeeshop where she works. Tony was handsome in whiskers and a red bow tie. It was a great way to spend Mothers Day, and no one had to cook or do the dishes.

Just us guys. 5/17/15

The following weekend we attended came your cousins Nick and Jack’s graduation from high school. It was so much fun to see the eldest “kids of the family” in their smart caps and gowns, holding the youngest. It’s amazing how quickly Nick and Jack grew up.

It’s been so fascinating to watch you change and grow. It seems to happen overnight. You no longer spit up as much after eating. You can roll from your belly to your back, or from your back to your side. And your core and neck muscles are stronger than ever. As you get bigger, we’re always looking for new ways to allow you to sit independently. Auntie Vicki has lent us a jumpy seat and a Bumbo chair for you to sit in. We also picked up a used exosaucer, which you loved at first sight.

At the end of May, we decided it might be fun to take you to Denver so we could hang out with Aunt Jill, Uncle Aaron and Madeleine. So your third plane journey was to the mountains.

Fun times in Denver, CO. 5/28–6/2/15

We spent 5 full days there. We took walks around the neighborhood and hung out with my pal Mariel, her friend Matt and her doggy Walter. We took a daytrip to Boulder and strolled the pedestrian drag, watched street performers and browsed in shops. We had cookouts and played at nearby Highland Park, and went local pubs and coffee shops. We even went to a weekly festival in downtown Denver devoted to food trucks. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and it was fun to see 15-month old Madeleine fawning over you.

We’ve been packing a lot of excitement into these days and they’ve been going fast. I can’t wait to see what happens in your sixth month.