Not yet a 1-year-old…

29 Nov 2015

We’re getting into the time of year that is packed with celebrations. Nick and Jack’s birthday, Grandma and Grandpa D’s anniversary, and Thanksgiving all happen within a single month.

I think back to this time last year. It was an interesting time, because we were still very much anticipating your arrival. Your due date was technically November 30, so I was waddling around, thinking you could be dropping in at any moment. But this year is a whole new ball game!

Nick & Jack turn 19! / Clowning on an afternoon stroll. / Having a laugh with Grandpa.

Not only are you now partaking in these celebrations with us, but the changes you’re going through are dramatic and exciting. These days you are cruising around furniture with confidence, grabbing things you want, pushing things away that you don’t want, rolling balls, jabbering constantly and eating everything in sight.

All about them balls!
Excited for bath time!

Your first Thanksgiving was stuffed with family and food. We got the day started with the Moulthrop-Baxter-Hart-Busse side of the family in Sugar Grove…

…then moved on to Elk Grove for some DeBartolo/Eisenhardt dessert!

Thanksgiving Part II at Uncle Mugga and Aunt Suzy’s house.

You also experience your very first Cave Day, a sacred post-Thanksgiving tradition for many years now. The rules of Cave Day are simple. Wake up. Stay in your jammies if possible. Eat leftover turkey and pie. Talk. Listen to music. Watch Aubrey Plaza films. And under no circumstances does anyone leave the house.

Cave Day at Aunt Vicki and Uncle Joe’s is always a hoot.
Cozy up for Cave Day!

We’re closing in on a big milestone… can’t wait to celebrate one year of Archie!



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