Getting to Know the Bearded Dragon and the Best Types of Bearded Dragon Food for their Age

Despite its name, the bearded dragon is far from being the fiery, scary creature most people would probably imagine it to be. In fact, they are quite the opposite. Bearded dragons are actually mid-sized lizards that can be from 12 to 24 inches in length.

Laidback is Perfect

What makes bearded dragons such fantastic pets is that they are very calm and laidback. In fact, even out in their natural habitats, they are mostly seen just lounging about on top of a rock or a tree branch, basking under the heat of the sun.

They are known to be very placid, friendly, and playful as well when you want them to be. They’re very low maintenance too, which is why even the busiest of people end up owning one. This is not to say, however, that you can afford to just leave them for long hours on end without checking up on them.

As with any other pet, caring for them by providing them with the most nutritious meals is important to keeping them healthy and happy. One important thing you should note about bearded dragons as well is that there are different types of diet for bearded dragons, depending on their age. Pay attention to what these differences in bearded dragon food are so you can serve your pet the right kind. Read more from this blog.