Rygar — A 1986 Arcade Game

The sheer brilliance of Rygar — an arcade game I used to pump 20 cent coins into as a kid up at Terry’s Corner Store. Playing this game again brought back memories of all of the fun I had after school with my ‘spare’ pocket money — mostly from returning glass soda bottles which at that time returned 5 cents each.

About Rygar

Rygar Arcade Game Items (Artifacts)

During the game, you will find artifacts hidden inside of stones, trees, the ground and other objects. To find these items you must either shoot them or jump in a specific location to expose them. These items include:

Rygar Arcade Game Power Icons

During the game, you can acquire five special power icons to assist you with your attacks. These are:

Rygar Arcade Game Enemies

Tree Based Enemies

Cave Based Enemies

Underground Based Enemies

Above Ground Based Enemies

Sky Based Enemies

Hiding Animal Enemies

The Mutants

Demon Type Enemies

Giant Blue Demon

Rygar Arcade Game End of Round Temple Area

Rygar Arcade Game Conversions

These are the Rygar arcade conversions that I have played myself, either on the devices directly or via some form of emulation. I have placed them in my order of preference and the best version of Rygar comes from a computer system that sadly never left Japan.

Flyers, Box Art Scans and Rygar Arcade Machine Service Manual

The Rygar Arcade Machine Service Manual is available for download in PDF format. Below is one of the more popular Rygar Arcade Machine Flyers.

Rygar Arcade Game Secrets and Tips

The other great attraction to Rygar is the number of hidden bonus artifacts and points that can be found:

  1. There are various stones that rise from the ground when you pass over an area or jump on a specific area. Some of these contain any of the listed game artifacts including extra life angels and question marks as well as any of the power icons. These locations don’t change, and some are fixed every game while some provide a random artifact — so be sure to memorize where they are.
  2. Receive a 10,000 point bonus when successfully killing all 4 Mutant Tribesman that stand on each others shoulder. You must do it before the Tribesmen touch the ground or move. If you have the Sun Power icon, this is probably the easiest method to achieve this bonus by standing next to them, and shooting upwards.
  3. This cool Griffin Riding trick can be used particularly on Rounds 3, 16, 20, 21 and 22 — but really on any round where their are flying Griffins — though I would not use it during Round 7 myself. This trick only works if you currently have not collected the Tiger Power Icon. When the Griffins appear, once they begin to swoop down, wait for them to achieve the lowest point in their dive attack and then you are able to jump onto the Griffins back. You will then bounce on the Griffin and to stay on you need to keep tapping the joystick to the right to ensure you don’t bounce off. You can use this technique when you are short on time or you want to complete things faster — but you will miss out on all the repulse bonus points and any hidden items along the way.
  4. The giant blue demons who appear every four rounds are worth 50,000 each if you have the Tiger Power Icon and are able to jump on their heads. Be careful though, as if you miss and touch them elsewhere, you will lose a life.
  5. On Round 13, there is a “star tree” where you shoot the area around the tree and many bonus golden stars will appear. With some luck you can collect 14 stars — meaning 140,000 points! Also near the “star tree”, there is the hidden parchment item worth 1,000,000 points. Shoot at the top of the screen above the right-most star. You will hear a sound each time you make a successful hit of this hidden area and after around 10 hits (it’s less with the Crown Power Icon) the hidden red parchment will fall down — but be quick as it disappears after only a couple of seconds.

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