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The Galah (Rose-breasted Cockatoo) FAQ

Part One: Gender and Age, Behaviour, Care and Breeding

General Questions

What other names exist for the Galah?

What is the scientific name of a Galah?

How old can a Galah live for?

How many types/species of Galah are there?

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Gender and Age Questions

How can you determine the gender of a Galah?

How can I determine how old my Galah is?

Behaviour Questions

What sounds does a Galah make and can they talk?

My Galah likes to nuzzle people’s hands when he’s petted on the head. Is this affection or is he just trying to help his beak shed or something?

Is it normal for my Galah to make grinding and sneezing sounds?

How can I stop my Galah from screeching in the mornings?

My Galah chews “everything” — what can I do?

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“Pinkie” on the indoor activity tree I made

Why does my Galah chew it’s feathers?

Why does my bird have a really bad attitude and bite me constantly?

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Another view of the activity tree that I made for “Pinkie”

Care Questions

Should I give my Galah a bath?

I’ve just found a baby bird fallen out of the tree. What do I do?

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Galahs drinking from a lake in the wild — Source: Wikimedia Commons

Breeding Questions

How old does a female need to be to breed?

We purchased a breeding pair of Galahs and the first clutch of eggs hatched a month ago. All was well but we recently found one baby dead and the other badly injured. It appears the male bird did this — why did he become so savage?

And lastly…

I have found your FAQ really helpful as a new owner. Thanks for taking the time to put up your information. I look forward to reading any additional advice.

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