Using Evernote on your next Move

Using Evernote on your next move could save you a lot of time and headaches if you follow some of these tips to reduce paperwork and document the items on your move.

  1. Gather all your estimates — You can use Evernote’s Scannable app to scan and store all of your estimates in your “Move” folder. This will make it easy for you to go back and compare prices when you are ready to make a decision.
  2. Document all the items of value in your home — Take pictures of items that have value to you and you can also scan copies of purchase receipts as well in case you are put in a situation where you have to file a claim with the mover. You can put these in a folder to make them easier to find just label it “Household Inventory”.
  3. Move Paperwork — Another use for the scannable app is to scan all the inventories you are given from the driver when he comes to load up your furniture. This will help prevent you from loosing it during all the chaos of a move.
  4. Move Process — Since having Evernote is like carrying around a notebook in your pocket it allows you to take quick notes about the move while it’s happening that you can refer back to later. Examples would be “Driver running late”, “House closing changed”, and “Final Delivery on…”
  5. After the move — Gather up all the paperwork from the delivery and scan it into Evernote in case you need to refer back to it for a claim or whatever.
  6. Claims — Nobody wants claims to happen on their move but there is a good chance you may experience some. Use Evernote to document any damage to your furniture or property damage. Take pictures and upload them to Evernote. These can be used to compare origin photos with Destination photos and to point out the differences and damages on a specific item or portion of your Property.
  7. Other Uses — While all of these were geared towards the actual move itself you can also use it to document Rental trucks (Paperwork, condition of truck, etc). Rental Agreements, Home Sales, and the list goes on.

Consider Evernote a giant file cabinet that you can keep in your pocket with the added benefit of instant search capabilities.

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