Bixby Button Bonkers

The S8 has a dedicated button that activates Bixby. But it doesn’t really activate it — only parts of it. Namely, it provides information on calendar, weather, shopping, etc. Stuff you can already get via Google Assistant. However useful the information is presented here, it’s still not revolutionary.

There’s been a cottage industry popping up of Bixby button hackers, working to retrain the button to take photos, launch Google Assistant, or other applications. Samsung has been fighting this but it will likely be a cat and mouse chase.

One of the annoying occurrences is when the Bixby button is pushed by accident, it will wake up the phone but still require an unlock. And when you unlock… bam… Bixby screen.

Is Bixby Samsung’s Clippy? Will it forcibly hold users to using it in hopes of getting more adoption? Maybe Bixby is going to be amazing. Samsung could be more transparent about its plans to get users excited.

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