Is this the future of ubiquitous computing?

In Star Trek, students at Star Fleet academy weren’t posting on Instagram.

One of the big motivators for building a voice interactive device was to have something like the Star Trek computer — that you could talk to. We had seen that people were really distracted by technology like cellphones and that was one of the motivations to create the Ubi.

Every time I want to look at the possibility of what voice and other technologies can bring, I just look at Star Trek.

Some observations:

  • Handheld devices were only used for work
  • The only screen based interactions with other people were video chat and email, but it was email was only for work.
  • People had conversations with each other IRL.
  • They used paper books
  • Activities were more discretized — work, socializing, entertainment were all very different and structured.

Over the next few years, we’re probably not going to get to the full Star Trek experience but some things are going to be more Star Trek like:

  • Voice becomes truly ubiquitous — a disembodied voice that we can interact with from everywhere
  • Technology is embedded everywhere — clothing, wallpaper, packaging
  • Technology disappears. No wires, boxes, etc. Everything seems in place.