No No No No No…

Some good quality time with the Echo over the weekend… most of the time, it was through music requests. Some observations but before then a RIGBY-style note: music through voice is a killer. We saw that when we Grooveshark (RIP) was available through the Ubi. However, there were some issues:

Me: Alexa, play Tik Tok by Ke$ha
Echo: I couldn’t find Tik Tok by Ke$ha
Me: hmmph…
Me: Alexa, play Tik Tok
Echo: Playing Tik Tok by Ke$ha
Me: ?????

It may have been that the STT for “Kesha” wasn’t working properly. Google seems to do a good job of popular names / artists.

Me: Alexa, what’s the time?
Echo: It’s [hour behind]
Me: ????

(checked settings… had set to Atitokan where apparently there is not Daylight time)

OK, then there was something innocent. I had the song “My knapsack on my back” from the Sound of Music stuck in my head (you know… ♪ Valdyrie Valdyra, Valdyrie, Valderahahaha…♪). I had forgotten the name was the Happy Wanderer and had tried in a few vain attempts to get Alexa to understand. And then there was this attempt:

Me: Alexa, play My Knapsack On My Back
Echo: Playing My Neck, My Back…
Me: (looking at my three year old and thinking NONONONONO” Alexa, STOP!!! ALEXA STOPPPPP!!

Fortunately, after the first false rejection, the Echo picked it up before the real good lyrics kicked in.

I’ll need to figure out if there are some settings for explicit lyrics now but this probably shouldn’t be the default. Or, make the bias towards false trigger much higher if mature content is playing.

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