On The Ground and In the Air

One of the takeaways from Re:MARS was Amazon’s plans to have thousands of satellites orbiting Earth providing unending Internet connectivity. Now, with Amazon’s plans to purchase Boost, it could be the start of a broadband revolution for the company. It could control the last mile for the services that are using AWS.

What would come after that? An Amazon mobile device. It would be a satellite phone and mobile built in. Maybe only in deep underground bunkers would there be a lack of Internet. Talk about re-kindling the Fire (sorry, too many puns).

The cost to at least enable communications between its 600,000+ employees might be reason enough to buy a mobile carrier. For Kuiper, it could mean placing services as close as physically possible to where the users are accessing them.

It would mean that you’re never more than 2,000 km from the server running your app and the instance could be passed over to the next satellite as it orbits over you. Ground stations create the next closest data centre. At that point, there’s also no point of data censorship. All information can bypass government, except for Amazon.