The Wider Experience

Photo by Jason Weingart — Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

I love watching videos YouTuber and storm chaser, Pecos Hank. With a tornado, there’s the visible tornado and then there’s a much larger area around it that isn’t visible but still has an extraordinary effect and can cause damage by whirling around debris.

This seems to have a parallel to customer experience. There’s the service you offer, e.g. the widget that you’re selling, and then there’s all the things spinning around it that can affect the experience. The attitude of the salesperson, the packaging in which it arrived, the length of time to receive it, how long it took to contact support, the wording on the website — all of these are extra to the service but are the experience. They can cause more damage if hurled around incorrectly.

That said, you can’t build a product just an customer support. You still need a service or product that delivers value but it’s breadth is wider than you might think.