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You probably have heard about blockchain before. Bitcoin is one of its most well known cryptocoins and is considered a store of value with the current price of above 10k USD.

All blockchains, when being distributed, are considered an immutable ledger where information can be stored or contracts can be executed. This is where we believe gaming has a strong use case and presents a unique opportunity for you.

Who are we?

We are not a company. We are a community driven blockchain with a singular focus, gaming and game integration. We are not driven by economic goals and have no single point of failure. Everyone is welcome to be involved. This also means all source code is open, found on github, and our code development is in parallel to the needs of developers like you. We are an Ethereum based chain, so you can develop contracts using solidity. …


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ATHEIOS update 8/1/19 — The Road from Here

On Sunday 7/28/19, several members of the Atheios core team had an exciting cross continental voice meeting to strategize and define the future of the Atheios project. There was a variety of discussion with several ideas and contributions from all who attended. The Atheios team has a solid plan for the future and is outlined below.

It was decided that the best course of action was to divide and conquer. The talent available from the community needs to be effectively utilized to move forward and encourage growth. How can Atheios accomplish this? By dividing the team into overlapping work groups that have specific goals to achieve. …

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Greetings fellow Atheios enthusiasts! The continuing efforts of the Atheios team have been fruitful and we have several developments to announce and celebrate! None of this would have been possible without the support of such a dedicated community.

A new team has taken over

This past June, Atheios was dealt an unexpected and sudden blow: the founding developer left the project which in turn caused a massive disruption and risked the integrity of the chain. Hash rate dropped, exchange value tanked,website and wallet functionality went offline. Within a few hours, several dedicated members of the community stepped forward and formed a team to stabilize the chain by providing hash power and getting additional boot nodes online for network security. In the emergency meetings that followed, it was decided to keep the coin alive and to cut all ties to the previous developer. A new Discord was set up (as the old one was abruptly deleted) and a new web domain was chosen. Soon after, a hard fork was planned to update the monetary policy, update the code base, implement PirlGuard, and make several other changes to the code for future growth. The most astonishing part of this entire ordeal was the amount of community members (old and new) that stepped in to help in any way possible. The team and community motivation for the success of Atheios is obvious to anyone looking at the items accomplished in this short amount of time. …

Atheios update 7/6/19


The Atheios planned hard fork is less than 24 hours away. Are you ready?

This is the final reminder that the planned hard fork at BLOCK 1,655,555 will initiate within the next 24 hours. All desktop wallets and nodes must be upgraded prior to BLOCK 1,655,555. Web and Ledger wallets do not require any user input.

The newest desktop wallet can be found here:

For node operators, the newest version of gath can be found here:

This planned fork will activate PirlGuard and redirect an increased Dev fund to a new address controlled by the Atheios team. …

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ATHEIOS UPDATE for 6/25/19

Greetings fellow Atheios enthusiasts and supporters. With the sad news of Berran leaving the project for personal reasons, the community members were thrust into a difficult position. The actions taken by the community in the first 24 hours of Berrans departure shows that we will NOT let this project fall to the wayside. We joined Atheios because we believed in the potential. That potential has not changed.

Several members of the community stepped up immediately to mitigate the damage done from Berrans abrupt departure. Atheios has always had a strong community. …



Crypto, cars, gaming. In that order.

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