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You probably have heard about blockchain before. Bitcoin is one of its most well known cryptocoins and is considered a store of value with the current price of above 10k USD.

All blockchains, when being distributed, are considered an immutable ledger where information can be stored or contracts can be executed. This is where we believe gaming has a strong use case and presents a unique opportunity for you.

Who are we?

We are not a company. We are a community driven blockchain with a singular focus, gaming and game integration. We are not driven by economic goals and have no single point of failure. Everyone is welcome to be involved. This also means all source code is open, found on github, and our code development is in parallel to the needs of developers like you. We are an Ethereum based chain, so you can develop contracts using solidity. Internal goals include additional development with our blockchain as we believe scaling for gaming is crucial for growth and adaptation.

What do we offer?

We have a working blockchain and a talented support team to help you integrate our blockchain into your gaming project. As an example, you could use Atheios to differentiate your project from others, make game play more interesting and take advantage of our immutable ledger. Take a look at as an example of Atheios integration. We can work with you to help integrate your creative and unique ideas into your project and take advantage of what Atheios can provide. Choosing Atheios to build with is mutually beneficial as we can also assist you in promotions through our social media and website. We want to build an ecosystem around Atheios and have your project be a part of it.

What do You get?

Besides the potential exposure from our marketing team, you will get an account (a blockchain address) with 1000 ATH to work and integrate with. This will allow you to get started at no cost to you other than time. We have a thriving community of people to bounce questions off of and to provide specific assistance. With the completion of the Atheios integration into your project, an additional 9000 ATH will be provided to you. This additional bonus should allow you to create events with special prices and increase attraction at no cost to you.

What can we promise?

Your success is our success. Atheios cannot grow and thrive without development and increasing integration. This is a new frontier with unlimited potential. We promise to listen to your feedback, work with you to explore your ideas, and promote your project after a successful integration. This is a collaboration; we have a blockchain running and ready for you to explore its potential. We will reward you with Atheios at the start and reward you once completed. What do you have to lose?


The easiest way to express your interest in the Atheios project is to join our discord and introduce yourself. We have distinct working groups under game-dev section, or just leave some comments here.

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