On new roads — An ATHEIOS UPDATE — 7/10/19

Greetings fellow Atheios enthusiasts! The continuing efforts of the Atheios team have been fruitful and we have several developments to announce and celebrate! None of this would have been possible without the support of such a dedicated community.

A new team has taken over

This past June, Atheios was dealt an unexpected and sudden blow: the founding developer left the project which in turn caused a massive disruption and risked the integrity of the chain. Hash rate dropped, exchange value tanked,website and wallet functionality went offline. Within a few hours, several dedicated members of the community stepped forward and formed a team to stabilize the chain by providing hash power and getting additional boot nodes online for network security. In the emergency meetings that followed, it was decided to keep the coin alive and to cut all ties to the previous developer. A new Discord was set up (as the old one was abruptly deleted) and a new web domain was chosen. Soon after, a hard fork was planned to update the monetary policy, update the code base, implement PirlGuard, and make several other changes to the code for future growth. The most astonishing part of this entire ordeal was the amount of community members (old and new) that stepped in to help in any way possible. The team and community motivation for the success of Atheios is obvious to anyone looking at the items accomplished in this short amount of time. Atheios has a strong future with a solid community team that is dedicated to the success of the project.

Block 1,655,555

The scheduled hard fork at block 1,655,555 was completed successfully. PirlGuard is now active and protecting our chain from 51% attacks. The Development fund was increased to 15% of the block reward and the DEV FUND address was changed to one controlled by the Atheios team. Several changes were also made to the old and outdated code to make it more friendly and intuitive for future development. For complete transparency, the new DEV FUND address can be found here: https://explorer.atheios.org/addr/0xfc13036C9A2FEDaE25AAf90B128db40663cA40D5


The new desktop wallet can be found here: https://github.com/athofficial/ATHDesktopWallet/releases/tag/v1.0.0


The Atheios network is doing well, especially after the successful hard fork. With the implementation of PirlGuard, we have mitigated some of the risk associated with a 51% attack. Additional changes have further streamlined and modernized the code to be more user friendly and encourage development on the chain. Efforts will continue to fortify the blockchain and encourage future development of applications and integration.


Hash rate from our dedicated miners has remained stable and is showing signs of growth after the hard fork. All pools were prepared for the fork EXCEPT MINERPOOL. Minerpool was contacted multiple times prior to the fork but no response was received. Minerpool was removed from our recommended pool lists as they are now on the old chain. Any miners at Minerpool mining Atheios WILL NOT BE PAID as they are on the old (dead) chain. We recommend you mine on one of the pools listed below:


STEX and Safetrade exchanges were prepared and ready for the hard fork. Communication was excellent during preparation and they continue to perform as expected. Unfortunately, the Gravix exchange did not recognize the efforts of the Atheios team and did not choose to upgrade in time for the hard fork. Because of this, any coins left on Gravix are now obsolete and not part of the current Atheios blockchain. Gravix did not offer any logical reasoning behind their refusal other than requiring the team to re-apply and pay a listing fee (again). This was not an acceptable situation and the Atheios team requested to be delisted from Gravix. Gravix acknowledged our request and Atheios is no longer affiliated with them.

Website and Explorer

The NEW Atheios website development is completed! As promised, all the features you loved from the old website are being retained along with additional items for your interaction. The website is hosted on the Ether-1 ethoFS Platform. The new website address is https://www.atheios.org.

Next steps

Code development and upgrades will continue behind the scenes to foster interaction with the blockchain. Additionally, Atheios will continue to explore new ways to provide easy game integration for both mobile and desktop games.

From here we grow

Given the turmoil that Atheios was facing after the departure of the old developer, it is safe to say that the Atheios project is farther ahead than before AND stronger than ever. We have successfully mitigated the damage created, strengthened the blockchain, fortified and updated the code, created a new website and explorer, and created/secured wallet functionality. As a community project, progress and ideas are flowing at a much faster pace. Input and ideas from everyone are welcomed as we ALL work together for the betterment of the Atheios project. We would like to thank each and every one of you for your support as we grow together!

Relevant links

Discord: https://discord.gg/JkTgFp9

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