How to find legal translator?

The galloping globalization fuels the upswing of demand for services of legal translation. This highly competitive field has specific features that lay severe requirements on quality and technique of juridical translation.

This service is used within a legal system. It includes the translation of the wide range of documents.

- patent and trademark filings

- legal certifications and statements

- contracts

- registration documents

- litigation and arbitration documents

- court and witness transcripts

- government and legal ruling report

- depositions

- expert reports

- affidavits

- legal disclaimers

- regulations

- license

- confidentiality agreements

- laws

- letters of credit

- technical documents to support litigation efforts

The sector of legal translations depends on culture, juridical tradition, and system. For this reason, it could not be linguistically transparent. Moreover, only translators specialized in the juridical field should translate legal documents because mistranslations could lead to loss of money and lawsuits.

Requirements to legal translations

The language of legal documents reflects the juridical traditions of the source country. Furthermore, the person who will be read translation is familiar with other juridical system and language. It is the essential requirement to represent clearly the terminology and juridical particularities from the source language to target language.

It should also focus on lexical gaps and cultural differences. Moreover, linguistic structures of source language could be unique and not have an analog in the target language. In this case, juridical translation complies with the rules of social, cultural and linguistic standards between TL and SL.

Where to find the legal translator?

There are many freelance platforms on the Internet, where you could find legal translation specialist. For example, Polyglot is the specialized linguistic site for translators, tutors, teachers and guides. It is possible to find their linguists majoring in popular and exotic languages. You could surf the site

The platform proposes the protection against fraud “Safe deal”. It means that money will be received on account only after the client confirms the quality of the translation.

The services of translation agencies could be more expensive that freelance assistance. Furthermore, we advise to choose certified specialist who has the legal background.

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