How to plan your vacation on the Greek islands: Greek Island Hopping

Santorini Island — Exclusive Greek Island Hopping Pass by

The Greek Islands are worldwide famous summer destinations. Stunning beaches, traditional seaside villages, rich history, ancient sites, hospitable people and delicious cuisine. Can you expect something more for the ultimate vacation? The Greek islands are literally innumerable, with different characteristics and divided in several groups. Thus, choosing the right Greek island may be difficult. Before planning your vacation on the Greek Islands, read these travel tips and be ready for an amazing Greek Island Hopping experience!

The first answer you have to ask yourself is what group of islands you want to visit. The Cyclades is the closest island complex to Athens, with gorgeous beaches, emerald waters, vivid nightlife, dry landscape and whitewashed villages. Some of the most popular Greek Islands, such as Mykonos and Santorini, are located there. The Dodecanese complex is situated in a close distance to Turkey, and they is characterised by its traditional neoclassical towns, fascinating beaches with deep blue waters and authentic atmosphere. The Ionian Islands are very close to Italy, and for this reason they have a unique style. Italian architecture, exquisite cuisine and some of the best beaches in Greece make islands, such as Zakynthos, Corfu and Paxoi, an excellent option for families as well as for young people. The Sporades complex are located close to Volos and Mt. Pelion, and have lush greenery and well-preserved towns that will impress you. The Saronic Islands, such as Hydra and Spetses, have crystal waters, although their location is only a short boat ride from Athens, and elegant, cosmopolitan towns.

After having chosen what group of islands you want to visit, you have to consider the option of Greek Island Hopping. Greek Island Hopping is a unique experience you can live on the Greek islands. Going from one island to another is really easy because Greek islands are located in a very close distance to each other. Thus, you can travel between the Greek islands and explore more of these astonishing places. It is really a pity to discover only one island when you can see more Greek islands and have a once in a lifetime experience.

However, Greek Island Hopping can be expensive and tricky if you want to travel between islands with separated tickets. But don’t worry! With the Greek Island Pass of Hostelbay, you can visit up to 7 seven islands and pay only for one! Thus, you don’t have to pay a fortune to have the experience of Greek Island Hopping, and you can travel anytime you want with multiple routes between the islands. Can you imagine something better and more convenient that that?

The last thing you have to decide is when to visit the Greek islands. Summer is of course the best season to swim in the sea and explore the atmosphere of these top summer destinations, but maybe you have to consider planning your vacation on the Greek islands off-season. The weather is still warm and sunny, islands are not so crowded and busy, and you can find super accommodation deals to spend your vacations on a budget.