When We Focus On Our Disadvantages And Weaknesses, We Lose
Vidya Narayanan

Being Indian, your “beliefs” are founded on reality, not wishful thinking. Indians DO speak and write English better than most Americans, albeit with a lyrical accent. Your education seems to outrank ours and you’re accepted as passive, cooperative foreigners (lacking the baggage Latin, Native and African Americans carry). Nevertheless, I agree with the general sentiment. Just know that some of us are and have been actively and violently suppressed in this country (as late as the 1960s), which has left a legacy of exasperation, apathy and even fear.

Of late, a more nuanced racism leaves millions of colored folk with sub-par education and they are NOT competitive. For example, Beyonce Knowles speaks a Southern Black dialect that would prohibit me from recommending her to do anything involving mastery of academic English. So yes. You are indeed brown, but your obstacles are NOT identical to other brown Americans. You are TRULY better prepared to succeed and not by the force of will alone. Bravo. Brown sister.