Virtual Tours For Commercial Real Estate Agents And Why You Need To Start Using Them

With the advent of new video technologies and space for data becoming virtually limitless and cheaper every day, marketers are coming up with new ways to place their products online. When it comes to commercial real estate, one of the latest trends are virtual tours. Long gone is the era of flipping through newspaper ads and brochures to find your ideal office — nowadays you can just hop online and experience the space as if you were walking through the office yourself.

What is a virtual tour?

Combining the powers of great design and clever programming, you can set up a virtual tour of your office building. The idea is simple — to make a computer representation of your office so that prospective leads can navigate through it using their web browser, as if they were in the office themselves.

What are the main benefits of a virtual tour?

A virtual tour will enable you to have your office available for viewing 24/7/365. Your potential tenants can view the offices any time of day and from any location in the world. This is crucial because latest research suggests that people spent two thirds of their time online when deciding for a property to lease or buy. Furthermore, it is highly convenient because your new tenants will not have to commute to visit your office. This also saves you time as only the most serious clients will come and physically view the office space.

Virtual tours are much more accessible

Instead of having your clients sift through a bunch of photos of an office from different angles, why not bring them something more interesting? If you want to spread your virtual tour to potential leads, all you have to do is to simply attach a link and email it to them. Better yet, if you have several virtual tours, simply email them to your mailing list in your next newsletter and watch your page visits increase by the hour.

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