Top Benefits of the Bonsai Plants That Make It a Must-Buy for Your Home or Office

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Bonsai plants are considered as one of the best indoor plants for homes and offices. Not just because they enhance the aesthetic appeal, but also because they have multiple health and psychological benefits. In China, bonsai plants have been grown and cared for, since a thousand years now. Also known as pun-sai, these plants have gnarled trunks and sparse foliage. Here are a few benefits of the bonsai plants:

- Bonsai plants are known to be a great stress reliever. That’s why one can see so many office desks being adorned by it. It relaxes one’s breathing and many take growing it as a wonderful hobby.

- Bonsai plants will make you patient and physically active, as it requires proper care, watering, fertilizing and trimming. It gives us the chance to learn life’s most importance lesson — work hard, be patient and it shall bear fruit for you.

- One of the many reasons why bonsai plants are one of the best plants for homes or offices is that they help in purifying the air in their surroundings.

- Bonsai helps in curing sore throats, coughs, fatigue and tiredness.

- Bonsai plants also work as a very thoughtful gift that one can find and order online.

All in all, by having a bonsai plant around, you can stimulate your learning and creativity while also boosting your immunity. Also, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the bonsai plant is the plant of hope, because it teaches you that the grass is green where you water it.

However, taking care of a bonsai plant is not that easy. To have it grow and be beautiful, even though it’s old, you will have to protect it from harsh conditions to ensure its survival, much like yourself. Here are a few tips that can help you:

- To water a bonsai plant, place the pot in a bowl of water. Once the soil has absorbed the water, only then you should remove the pot. Follow this tip at least once a week to keep the plant, beautiful and healthy.

- Always ensure that the soil is neither soaking wet, nor too dry and crumbly. There are different soils for different species of a bonsai plant. Ask a florist to help you in picking the right soil and fertilizer.

- For best growth of the bonsai plant, use a pot that is 1/3rd wide of the height and its depth is same as the trunk’s height. If the plant is growing properly, repot it in a larger pot.

- Keep the bonsai plant in a partly shaded area during summers and in a bright and sunny environment during winters. In addition, never keep the plant directly in an air conditioners or a heater’s flow.

- Use sharp tools to trim the plant so that it grows in the desired shape.

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