The Uncucked Interview: Rich Greg, Director of MAGAcon 2018

Ever wonder what those Trump loving, frog meme guys are like in real life? Despite what Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media would tell you, they’re normal people, not Neo-Nazis or Russian hackers. Rich Greg, also known as Kek’s Ambassador, has been working behind the scenes of these movements for over a decade. Now he has (with the help of friends) put together a MAGA star studded convention coming in 2018, known as MAGAcon 2018. Here is a look at one of the movers of what has now become the New Right and MAGA movements.

Who are you and why should the internet care?

Rich Greg, glad to meet you internet. Well for the most part I’ve been an activist in the real world. I was a civil engineer working on projects in lower Manhattan before 9/11 happened. Afterward, I moved my work into a home office and eventually just lost the passion for it. That passion was then hijacked by the 9/11 Truth movement and activism for WeAreChange.

I had worked on fiber optic conduit placement blueprints for many of the buildings in the WTC complex. As an engineer I never saw any flaw in WTC Building 7 that would lead me to believe it could collapse the way it had that fateful day, so naturally I had questions. I ended up joining “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth”. Let me tell you now, those guys have a serious vetting process. It took them seven months before they were satisfied that my claims were legitimate. That started a long red pill trip for me, and as events have occurred, they have led me here. Believe it or not it, all of this stemmed from my Christian beliefs. At a point, my long time friend “Q” and I came to understand that the activism we engaged in as members of WeAreChange had become almost passe. A new movement, with new tactics was taking place.

Rich (left side of banner) at one of the original WeAreChange, Investigate 9/11 meetings.
Rich and top Bilderberg investigator Jim Tucker circa 2010. Tucker has since passed away, RIP to the legend.

The time of seeding the field with red pills had passed, and it was now time to tend the field for the seedlings. Some of the OGs of the movement seemed to be stuck in the times of past and are still chasing old glories in my opinion. So I knelt down and prayed to God, asking what path I should take. This was during the long, crazy presidential election that we all rode like a wild bull.

My prayers were answered and God led me to take on the task of protecting the Christian inhabitants of Kekistan, since I had become obsessed with 4chan at the time of the meme war. I would do it by mediating between hardcore, green bleeding Kekistanis and the Normies who irritate them. This led me to go on to protest the 2017 Bilderberg Group Meeting as a real life “rare Pepe” where a lot of the groundwork for MAGAcon 2018 came to fruition.

What first attracted you to Trump and the MAGA movement?

Originally I was a Rand Paul guy. Then in the first Republican debate, I saw Rand sort of cuck to the establishment and be defeated by Trump, who was obviously the alpha on that stage and in the primary race. So quirky as Trump is, he was saying all the right things and that was it for me.

You said the groundwork for MAGAcon 2018 came to fruition at Bilderberg, can you elaborate on what that means a little more?

I went there with the intent to take on as many Antifa losers as I could. We all assumed they would come to protect their corporate masters, but not a single one showed up. So it ended up becoming a networking opportunity. I met many people within the movement, including Jack Posobiec. Jack then invited me to a rally outside of the White House, which became a meeting ground for many in “The New Right”.

Jack Posobiec and Rich Greg at the release party for Jack’s latest book Citizens for Trump.

Turns out, “The New Right” was the home I was looking for. I’ve met some truly wonderful people through the New Right and MAGA movement and I know I will meet plenty more as it continues to grow. Although I wouldn’t build my house on the political sand of sub-political groups because they evolve and mutate so quickly with the times. It is best to keep your core values and not put too much stock in the changing hearts of others. “TNR” may disappear or morph into something else entirely, so I’m not looking to exactly chain my self to anything in particular except the values that will truly “Make America Great Again” by forcing what is written in the Constitution to once again be the guiding principles of our homeland.

What future plans do you have for the movement?

Okay, you asked the big question. I have to admit, I’ve been having a lot of fun teasing something lately on Twitter. In the near future, in early spring, there will be a large, peaceful, very classy convention that I have been arranging. Now all of the particulars are not set and contracts are still being hammered out so I can’t say too much, but the level of political stars being added to the event will depend on the early exclusive VIP pass sale. The more capitol that rolls in, the bigger the names will be. Keep in mind we intend to continue these gathering in different parts of the country, as time goes on and we start to “Make America Great Again”.