Deciphering Minoans KISSing linguistics using Afro-Asiatic language group fascination and a Pirate’s mindset, AAARRRRRGG!!!!

Cretan Hieroglyphs Hypothesis

I was rabbit holing while teaching my, now month long, Vietnamese lady-friend about the Migration Route of Humans out of Africa and stumbled upon, Cretan Hieroglyphs. I wrote up a little ditty and published it here.

Scientific Method
Title=Kiss It Simple Strategy=KISS
Deciphering Minoans KISSing linguistics using Afro-Asiatic language group fascination and a Pirate’s mindset, AAARRRRRGG!!!!
Cretan Hieroglyphs has loads in common with traditional First Nations symbolism as well as East Asian symbolism, and Babylonian numerology. For example, the Cretan Cat Seal has the #3 in the middle with a snake to its left, a tree on top, a human leg signaling the root of the tree, and the gate at the bottom is akin to White Shiva’s spiderweb base.
Minoans first developed a thought linguistic strategy=broad general knowledge=scientific method of the Cretan hieroglyphs. For example, the broad oval represents the planetary orbital system of the known universe. The modularized symbols represent the most important building blocks of life. Snakes represent water. Cats represent various species. Trees represent wind and breathing. The leg represents the egg before the chicken. The gate or spider web represents the janitors of society aka the hygiene heroes. All species represent the earth=land. Thus, the general=broad=history=Keep It Simple Strategy=KISS=Cretan theory where Earth is the #3=Cat planet from the sun rotating in an oval like planetary system=astronomy. Cats were also the most respected animals in Egyptian culture as well.
From a modular viewpoint, the Cretan’s field experiment and data collection points are highlighted the most important animals of their status quo society. Cats represent independence and speech; the extra cat leg is a bird’s leg and a bird represents music=language of the universe. Snakes represent water’s movement. Legs are the roots=building blocks of our trees. Spiders=bats do pest control population; spiders are the “economic=home=inside” pest control; bats provide natural pest protection in the wild=farms. Thus, the Cretan’s modular design recognizes that life incorporates the 3 productive=breathing=wind=species=earth=movement=water natural elements of life.
The fourth natural element, fire, is not included because Cretan’s did not believe fire was a productive element. Cretan’s probably witnessed fire as a destructive=negative force especially as junk=Asian merchant boat, Captains vs the other 3 elements, wind, earth, and water are productive elements because Cretan’s probably witnessed positive cause and effects from the 3 productive natural elements.
The Minoans symbology are very similar to Hinduism’s White Shiva, First Nation’s totem poles, Babylonian numerology, etc. According to the Genographic Project, Hinduism circa 2000BCE came before Cretan hieroglyphs circa 1900BCE.
Minoans were a seafarer=pirate society meaning they were more open to making mistakes and learning from their histories. Minoans were also more open to data collection and employing the scientific bottom up field experiments.
hypothesis=best applied historical guess:
The Cretan Cat Seal is a status quo picture much like the White Shiva in Hinduism.
A status quo pictures typically means all of society understands this societal norm. The following cultures heavily influenced Minoan hieroglyphs to Indian religion=Hinduism, Babylonian, and the Afro-Asiatic language group specifically Semitic languages of Aramaic and Phoenician. Subsequent linguistic languages include Judaism, Levantine=laymen’s Arabic, Greek, and loads of the Cyprus language.
Any Afro-Asiatic linguistic historians out there that agree or disagree with my hypothesis then feel free to in chime? =)
note: Cretan symbology was currently an undeciphered script. It makes sense that Hinduism came first as the journey out of Africa shows India was human populated before Europe specifically Crete. See National Geographic’s Migration patterns of humans.
Cat Seal Pic

Feedback is appreciated!

Pura Vida


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