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3 min readFeb 7, 2017

For the past three years, we’ve approached the design and development of Green Stone the same way as the design and development of our client projects. By making, learning, and constantly evolving. Our goal is a business that creates meaningful value for individuals, institutions, and the world at large. To build an organization that could be smarter, more scalable, more nimble, and more rewarding for employees and clients alike. This goal has not changed, and we’ve certainly learned a lot along the way to get closer to it.

Our core model has been to supercharge partners with product, service, and experience design capabilities — without being tethered to the same office space. From Los Angeles to Toronto to Barbados, and everywhere in-between, we found scrappy and hungry makers who helped shape who we are and how we work, from the ground up.

Our network visualized. We’re super jealous of Josh in Barbados.

From one person flying solo to a global network of nimble, flavorful and entrepreneurial frontiersmen, we’re proud to announce the next chapter of the Green Stone story. If you’ve already been following along, you may have noticed a fresh coat of paint. We’ve streamlined our identity to better serve us across playing fields. Staying true by reusing our recognizable emblem shape, we simplified the mark by creating a custom font using a strict grid to maintain proportions and maximum readability. Playful and unexpected. Our new color palette is representative of our diversity of ideas and fresh thinking, by incorporating gradients to grab the eye and add extra energy and visual interest. We chose Roboto Slab and Proxima Nova, two complementary fonts that both exhibit humanistic proportions with a somewhat geometric appearance. Both are also modern, created explicitly for our digital age. We feel our new brand identity better matches where we are now and where we’re going.

We have a shiny new site too — greenstone.co

Our evolution extends to beyond our looks. Thirty-two client projects in, we’ve learned a lot from working with companies and teams of different sizes and structures. Progress is a room with many doors. Whether the buzzword is sprint, scrum, or kanban, we only know that we want to collaborate with companies in a way that works for them. So rather than forcing one process to work for everyone, our model is malleable to suit any and all of our partners.

Research doesn’t have to be long nor expensive. Great ideas typically start small and need room to grow within the care of passionate people. “Shipping it” is just the starting line. In future posts, we’ll talk more about the tools and methods we use with our clients.

Today, we’re very proud of the work we’ve done and those that helped us get here. Thank you to those who know who you are. And for those that don’t know us well yet, we look forward to connecting.

Warm Regards,
Charles Law (Experience Lead) + JB Ayers (Design Lead)

Green Stone

A strategy + design firm that delivers Modern Loyalty to our clients through the crafting of experiences that deliver meaningful value.