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The US DV Lottery is a lottery program organized by the United States government for individuals to receive the Permanent Resident Card of the United States. The U.S Department of State in accordance with the Immigration and Nationality Act, is the body in charge of conducting the lottery. Every year, a total of 50000 visas are issued annually to expand and diversify the population of the United States, and a total number of 20 million people apply for this visa lottery. We at GreenCardOrganization will be glad to help you fill all the forms correctly for successful registration.

The US DV Lottery gives individuals from various qualifying countries a chance to get their green card. The Lottery aims to make sure there is a lot of diversity in the immigration into the U.S that’s why only people from certain remote and less represented countries are permitted to apply. The US DV lottery is a very easy way to apply for green card and get a permanent residency in the US but, it is important to note that not everyone who enters for the lottery will win. That’s why it is advised that as much as you are applying for the US DV lottery to get your green card, you also try other means of getting into the U.S. Our company GreenCardOrganization will be happy to help you and suggest what other ways there are.

How it Works

Every Year, the program issues 50000 visas which are distributed among countries having very minimal rates of U.S immigration annually. More than 50000 names are drawn because most people who are selected won’t complete it. Eligibility for the green card lottery differs by the country, education or work experience. The U.S visas are allocated to a few selected countries across all the continents, and you are eligible for the visa when you are born in any of the eligible countries. Your work experience and education are very important because you must meet certain requirements in order to register for the DV Lottery. Late application lowers your chances of applying because if your waiting number is higher than 50000, the chance that the people that applied before you will win is very high. We in GreenCardOrganization have a great experience in submitting applications in a timely manner and we will be happy to help you and submit an application in the right form.


When you win the green card lottery, it does not mean that you will just get the U.S green card delivered to you. It means that you just can apply for the U.S green card. The process of applying for the US DV lottery is free. So, just in case you are applying through other means like family, work, etc. you can just consider applying for this one. Applications are done online and reading the instructions before applying is required.

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