• for me the start of the year was full of changes and new experiences. It was also full of emotional ups and downs. I finally changed my living place for good. I got a steady work and I finally reached the second step on education. What I’m missing at the moment is a clear goal for the future.
  • I learned a lot about social relations, languages, marketing and organizing. I also got to use a lot of previously achieved skills and habits. Free time is confusing me I need to revive my skill to just relax and live in the moment but i am very confident that it will come naturally as I concentrate on that. I also got to know myself better. I have a clear understanding on my character traits and how they appeal to others.
  • I need to learn a lot, too. Especially on things like: how to react to manipulation, to respond directly, to get information out of people, to not stress over little things, to get along with people very near to me.
  • media-wise i am limiting myself to the essential stuff, which allows me a deeper and broader view on the topics. Also it is giving me way more context. I also started taking notes on big titles which is strengthening the experience. I finally completed war and peace, which is a surprisingly big thing to me, since I feel that classics are important — it also proves to me that i am able to stay determined if I want to. I am currently catching up on all the classic basic literature, i feel a big importance in it, since a lot of new media is buiding on that.
  • this month was full of outer improvement to my life, which is motivating to keep pushing this year to another level. Now I need to get myself used to this new environment and use it accordingly. If I can find and define a clear goal, I think I will get there quickly.