Day 2 of Biohacking.

Morning: yoga. eggs and bacon + white tea. rapid, confused thoughts, too much protein? nope, that seems to be bullshit. my sleep pattern feels off eventhough my mind is clinging to it. a ton of research into proteins instead of studying/writing. chaos, confusion, headaches. it’s way too hot, body consciousness rises. structure. calmness. mediation. cooking.

Lunch: prepairing smoothy for work. bulletproof coffee. instagram. my loud ginger. cooking sounds everywhere. words from mum. smooth thoughts. control. strenght.

work. kids. comfort. control. languages. stability. i feel great, my concentration is set in stone i feel like I can do anything. A blog? twitter. positive feedback. control. comfort. kids. the older ones are twitchy and turbulent today. there is a new kid. he is precious and so well mannered. the girl is a bit bitchy and confused today. I feel like stone in a storm. i have never felt more confidence. drinking my smoothie at the end of second class. happyness. enjoyment. way too much sweetener, bro.

Dinner: the hack lasted 4 hours. concentration starts fading. bits of headache from the morning return. I feel proud, I feel concious, I concentrate on surroundings. it never felt easier. my student is unreadable as always. people, who are older always are. curiousity fills me. not anxiousness as always but pure curiousity. yes. confidence. mood lift. concentration. happiness. end of work.

it’s cold. oh god it’s so cold. walk faster. drunk, ugly people. try not to judge. fail. feel a little anger. feel dissappointment. reminder! outward concentration. self-control. control. it’s not cold anymore. grandparents. cards. home. disruption. guilt. eurovision? discussions. i love discussions. i talk too much. home. food. borsch. too many carbs. trash. no guilt, just veggies. writing. now. progression. i love the sound of biohacking.

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