Just when you think you can’t go wrong
and feel you finally belong
struggled, finished, stumbled, failed
every believe till now you’ve hailed

is suddenly corrupting you
and every lie becoming true
tell yourself stay strong head high
until the end and then you die

losing every hope and sign
standing across every line
clashing heads and bumping storms
crying faces in your dorms

telling them everything’s fine
you’re just hoping for a dime
trading every little thing
every miracle you’ll bring

to make somebody happy when
they try to keep an empty van
to throw your body into it because until then you have lost your soul.

you’ve lost it. there is no brain, no blood, no tears. and every thing that now appears just flimsy like the smoke of fog. this is not the time. there’s something left behind but you won’t feel it. leave the smoky chalk behind, don’t mind.

“and slowly come back. to the center. let’s thank ourselves for the time we have dedicated to our bodies today.”

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