My Introduction to Biohacking

So, I don’t know how many of you know about biohacking. I stumbled upon this quite neat sounding word half a year ago — I started reading a bit into it and found out a lot about supplies, vitamin pills, gene manipulation and so on. At that time I never ever thought I would do this myself.

I guess there are a lot of definitions about what biohacking really is and how in is ‘practiced’. I prefer the most basic form: manipulation body functions. This said, I read into a lot of stuff by people, who are manipulating or rather modifying their bodies by putting in devices into it and even inventing things DIYlike to improve their overall physical state. I however thought it would be nice to start improving myself by nutrition only. For starters.

Biohacking is — as I see it — not limited to physical manipulation (I really like this word, for me it’s not negatively biased, rather positively) or pervormance improvement but consequentially expands into mental manipulation. It is a thing to not only gain relevant information, but to structure it to be able to improve oneself — physically, psychologically, mentally and consciously.

Here is my attempt: I learned that concentration on one area at a time provides the best possible and fastest results. So this is my area for now: nutrition. I know it’s a big one and I am probably going to take the rest of this year. My goal is to gather enough information and experience to be able to manipulate my body freely through input alone by the end of 2016. (Nevertheless I am doing a lot of mental work, too. Other factors that should not be overlooked: combination with sports and social activity of which I have excess at the moment — and given my workdays in summer those two factors will rise a lot). Yeah, so let’s see how that madness works out. I am excited and looking forward to a lot of experiments!

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