Why there are so many losers.

And how to not be one.

  1. Because people are lazy as fuck
    don’t be lazy.
  2. Because people eat shit
    pay attention on your nutrition and find out what’s best for you.
  3. Because people sit too much
    get moving, stand up, be nice to your body: it’s not made for sitting 12 hourts and lying down the other 12.
  4. Because people don’t pay attention to themselves
    get involved in your thought process, meditate, sleep enough but not too much, find out how you tick — or give your mind a rest if it needs one.
  5. Because people get stressed over every little shit
    aren’t there things you enjoy, too? focus on those ones! Breathe.
  6. Because people are unpolite as hell
    be thankful instead, people reflect on what you do
  7. Because people don’t care
    start being curious, inform yourself on the things you are doing RIGHT NOW!
  8. Because people watch too many series
    instead of making watching stuff a hobby, why don’t you watch stuff while performing a useful hobby? like: sewing, drawing, writing, sports, handcrafting — something that gives you actual skill.
  9. Because people consume too much
    instead of consuming try producing: making something yourself gives you a new perspective and brings balance into your life
  10. Because people want to change everything at once
    one small change at a time. one small step then the other: a baby doesn’t learn how to walk by jogging.