Elite Edge Greenhouse Review: Is a Pent Roof better?

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Elite Edge Pent Roof Greenhouse Review

The Edge Pent Roof Greenhouse from Elite comes in a contemporary design and with extra benefits like additional growing height and durable construction materials. It features a super thick Core-Vect Titan frame that can withstand harsh weather conditions, especially high winds. The pent roof greenhouse is also made of well-toughened 4mm glass that covers the entire construction and bar capping to give you extra glazing security. This modern design of greenhouse from Elite is set to be popular with gardeners across the UK looking for something modern, a little different, yet highly practical.

Elite Edge Greenhouse

Elite Edge Standard Features:

  1. Titan heavy-Duty Aluminium Profile — Strongest on the Market
Elite Edge with 2 Large Front Opening Roof Vents

A Diverse Range of Colours to Suit Your Style

The Edge Pent Roof Greenhouse is available in 11 different frame colours to choose from as well as different types of glazing that you can use to customise the greenhouse according to your unique style. Frame colours include berry, brown, graphite, white, stone, mocha, terracotta, olive, black, navy, and many more.

Key Features of the Edge Pent Roof Greenhouse

The Edge Pent Roof Greenhouse is one of the greenhouse designs made by Elite, a company well known for building high-quality greenhouse products that combine elegance, strength, and practicality. The Edge Greenhouse uses a strong Titan frame designed in a pent roof style to provide you with a large interior space that’s perfect for growing tall plants besides giving you a more spacious and welcoming space to relax and enjoy the greenery.

Let’s look at some of its key features and construction materials.

Elite Edge — Modern Greenhouse Design

Glazing Materials

Elite Edge Greenhouses feature Grade A toughened glass or Standard EN1250 glass which provides a neat finish when you use it with bar capping. This type of glass is the best glazing choice for British gardeners as it’s very wind resistant, stiff and resilient to impacts.

Elite Glazing Bar Capping — Hides clips and looks great!

Strong Glazing Bar Capping

The Edge Pent Roof Greenhouse is designed to give your greenhouse structure a stronger hold for the glazing as well as a nice elegant finish. It has a rubber fin for better sealing between the glass and the frame. The capping is an addition to the wire clips for extra protection, especially in areas that are more exposed to the elements. It uses coloured screws that don’t leave unsightly silver screw heads along the frame. Bar Capping also makes your greenhouse a lot easier to clean as there are no wire clips to snag with your sponge!

Elite Edge 5 Blade Louvre Vent

Professional Powder-Coated Finish

The Edge Greenhouse features high-quality, durable, powder-coated finish that gives the entire structure a neat professional finish. Powder coating is available in 11 beautiful colours including white, black, brown, graphite, mocha, navy, stone, green, olive and berry. The colours are designed to match your garden environment. The coating is eco-friendly unlike the traditional wet paint used in other greenhouses which use harmful solvents.

The powder-coating finish gives the entire frame resistance to corrosion and ultra-violet (UV) degradation. It also increases the life expectancy of the greenhouse by over 25 years. The frame is also wrapped in polythene for additional protection while in transit and storage. It is delivered in perfect condition. The frame’s nut caps are powder-coated to give them a neat, clean, and professional finish.

Elite Edge Integral Base

Different Base Options to Suit Your Needs

The Edge Pent Roof Greenhouse is designed for different base options including the following:

· Flagged/Paved/Slabbed Area

This is one of the most common methods for laying a level flagged area. Just ensure that your slabs slightly exceed the size of the greenhouse because the product may sometimes be a few inches larger. For example, if you purchase an 8x6 feet greenhouse, consider having a slab area of 10x8 feet to give you ample space for water barrels and sufficient room to walk around the greenhouse when cleaning or doing any other maintenance task.

· Soft Soil Ground

Most people construct their greenhouses on a solid foundation but if you prefer to construct your greenhouse directly on the soil or grass, it may end up getting damaged by persistent stepping on its door cill. You’ll, therefore, need to use hard support flags under the cill. Fortunately, Elite Greenhouses are designed to anchor the base down whether on hard or soft ground surface.

· Free Standing Greenhouses of Up to 8 Feet Wide

As standard, Elite Greenhouses have aluminium bases which give the frame additional strength and durability. Aluminium bases eliminate worries about rust, warping, or rotting. Aluminium is an integral part of the entire greenhouse frame.

Elite Low Threshold Cambered Sill

Ease of Construction

Like all Elite Greenhouse products, the Edge Pent Roof Greenhouse comes with a set of construction manual complete with all the instructions you need to build your greenhouse. The difficulty or ease of construction will depend on your personal competence and the number of helpers you have. For most people, building the greenhouse can be completed in a weekend. However, take the time to ensure that every aspect of the greenhouse construction is done properly by following the instructions in order to avoid making costly mistakes.

If your greenhouse construction skills are somehow limited, you may consider getting help from your local garden centre. If you chose to do it yourself, you’ll need a few tools including step ladders, M6 to M10 spanners, Pozidriv screwdrivers, goggles, and gloves to assemble the greenhouse. Fortunately, Elite provides a series of installation videos on their website.

Super Strong TITAN aluminium profiles

Product Delivery

Your Edge Pent Roof Greenhouse is delivered the same way Greenhouse Stores delivers its greenhouse products to its customers nationwide. The product is delivered to your doorstep by one of Elite’s vehicles direct. If you live in Ireland and some parts of Scotland, delivery can be arranged through Greenhouse Stores.

You can depend on Elites’s fleet of Class II15-ton lorries to deliver your purchase safely. The vehicles have the same dimension as large furniture removal vans so make sure they can easily and safely access your home.

Elite Sliding Door Locks

Why Buy the Edge Pent Roof Greenhouse from Elite Greenhouses?

Buying a greenhouse today is not an easy task. There are way too many options on the market to leave you confused, especially if you are a first-time customer. However, before you decide to purchase a specific brand of greenhouse, it is wise to start by doing your homework properly and comparing different features provided by each manufacturer. You obviously want a greenhouse that will last long and provide you with the best service. We recommend the Elite Edge Pent Roof greenhouse for many reasons but most importantly because the product is made by a leading greenhouse manufacturing company.

Elite Greenhouse Gutter Channel

Here are a few reasons to consider Elite Greenhouse products when shopping for the best greenhouse:

· The company has over 60 years of experience in manufacturing. Their products and manufacturing processes have stood the test of time.

· The Edge Pent Roof Greenhouse, like other products from Elite, comes with a 10-year frame guarantee.

· The greenhouse is made using British design and manufacturing processes which ensures that all the components used in the greenhouse conform to British standards

· They have great customer care and support service. When you call them, you’ll immediately be directed to a real friendly person who will be glad to help rather than to an automated service.

· Elite Greenhouses are made of strong and durable materials including high tensile bolts, thick glazing bars that can support fixed shelves and staging, stainless steel clips that will never rot or rust, neoprene cushion beading, different glazing options and colours to suit your budget or preference, and a wide range of accessories.

Edge Corner Profiles

If you are looking for a sturdy, durable, and elegant looking greenhouse that is available in different sizes to fit your property, then the Elite Edge Pent Roof Greenhouse is your best option.

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