Halls Greenhouses

Greenhouse Stores are passionate about selling the finest range of greenhouses on the market. No portfolio would be complete without the collection of greenhouses from Halls Greenhouses: a company whose trading history goes back as far as 1936. Halls know how to design and manufacture quality British greenhouses, and were the first company to mass-produce greenhouses.

Their popularity has remained since the first half of the twentieth century. Greenhouse stores are proud to work with Halls, a company who have retained the classical English traditions, as can be seen in the greenhouses we sell. Gardeners all over the UK use Halls Greenhouses year in, year out to grow their plants and vegetables.

8x6 Halls Greenhouse

The Halls’ range of greenhouses for sale does not make the brand easily identifiable — each style of greenhouse has its own unique identity. Halls’ greenhouses (as advertised by Greenhouse Stores) range from 2 x 4 foot models, all the way through to 8 x 14 foot models. Different styles can also be purchased, including both lean-to and stand-alone greenhouses.

The Halls Popular greenhouse model has long been regarded a ‘classic’ by those in the industry, and has been manufactured for over 25 years. A simple but effective design gives this model durability and reliability as gardeners enjoy growing a full range of plants. It comes with the choice of two colours, either natural silver mill aluminium or powder coated dark forest green for a more natural look. Buyers also have options with the glass that the Popular greenhouse comes with, as either British standard toughened safety glass or standard horticultural glass can be purchased with the greenhouse.

Other favourites from the Halls’ collection include the Halls Supreme greenhouse range. These have a striking, elegant look about them as they add style and character to many gardens across the UK. The curved eaves are made from a resilient UV resistant acrylic. They come with sliding doors and air vents, the quantity of which depend on the size of the greenhouse being bought. As with the Popular range of greenhouses, the Supreme style also comes with either toughened safety glass or horticultural glass and can be bought in a powder coated green finish, or natural silver aluminium.

Halls Supreme 6' x 4' Greenhouse

The Halls Wall Garden greenhouse adds character to any house. It is a ‘lean-to’ model, and can showcase a range of plants and vegetables stylishly. It almost resembles a display case in appearance, with dimensions of just 2 foot by 4 foot, or 2 foot by 6 foot. In fitting with other Halls greenhouses, the Halls Wall Garden lean-to is simple yet practical, with a sliding door and opening roof vent.


Greenhouse Stores are proud to announce a very exciting new model arriving in February 2019, the Halls Qube Greenhouse.

Halls Qube Greenhouse

The Halls Qube is a 6ft wide greenhouse with a black powder coated frame available in 6' x 6', 6' x 8' and 6ft x 10ft. Toughened Safety Glass comes as standard, as do roof vents and a smooth sliding door.

Halls Qube 8x6 Greenhouse

Glazing is held in place by glazing capping rather than old fashioned wire clips. This is a much neater, and more modern method that looks especially smart, and makes the greenhouse much easier to keep clean.

There is an amazing range of accessories for Halls Greenhouses and the Qube is the first Halls model to benefit from optional integral staging and shelving. This means that the staging is actually anchored to the frame of the greenhouse, making it firm and sturdy.

We love working with manufacturers such as Halls, they have a great reputation and cater for the needs of many customers looking for a greenhouse. Whether it be the Qube, Supreme, Popular or Wall Garden models (or one of the many others on offer), customers have a range of greenhouses to choose from and there is something for everyone! Offering free UK home delivery (and minimal charges for delivery to Scottish Islands, Southern Ireland and the Channel Islands), buying your Halls Greenhouse through Greenhouse Stores ensures you do business with a trusted business, offering quality products. And if you still need convincing that a Halls greenhouse is the one for you, why not check out some of the Halls Greenhouses reviews which can be seen at the foot of the page.