Halls Qube Greenhouse Review

Halls Qube Greenhouse Review: Is It Worth the Money?

Halls Greenhouses is part of the Juliana Group, which is a Danish company that has been in the gardening industry for more than 40 years. One of their most popular products is the Halls Popular. In this review article, you’ll learn more about the new kid on the block, the Halls Qube — what’s it all about, its promising features and stuff that you should know before you consider buying.

Halls Qube 6' x 10' Greenhouse

What is the Halls Qube Greenhouse?

One of the first thing that you need to know about Halls Qube is that it’s designed by an experienced company. Hence, every design feature of this greenhouse stems from years of involvement in the gardening industry. While the company has been in the business for decades, most of their product lines haven’t really changed that much. However, the Halls Qube is the exception.

When compared to its predecessors, the Halls Qube is easier to install, more practical to use and stronger. Hence, if you are serious about putting up a greenhouse, then Halls Qube is definitely a strong contender. This article will quickly brush through the main features below. Later on, the article will expound some of the notable ones.

The primary material is crafted from aluminum. This allows the entire structure to be more portable and lightweight without having a very high price tag. The aluminum is coated with black powder finish.

The Halls Qube makes use of 3mm toughened safety glass, which is more than enough in terms of safety for most environments. As a bonus, the greenhouse features a padlockable door. However, don’t expect it to be a “high security” feature.

Halls Qube 6x6 Greenhouse

It also comes with one or two roof vents, so the greenhouse doesn’t get too hot. The roof and sides are reinforced, which makes the entire structure more stable and prevents it from being rickety, and unstable in windy conditions. There are also 60 mm roof gutters to gather rainwater for your plants or just neatly channel it away from your greenhouse.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that the entire structure comes with fewer parts. This translates to faster and much easier installation. The company also offers a guarantee on the frame and base plinth.

Halls Qube Frame Features

One of the most innovative features of Halls Qube is the frame. A lot of people tend to think that the product is named Qube because of the cube-like design of the structure. However, the product is mainly named by the company this way because of the cube-shaped bars. This shape paves the way to unique advantages. For one, it offers more strength when compared to the standard frames of most greenhouses. Also, the integral chambers inside the frame allow for easier bar capping, glazing and integrating of Halls Greenhouse Accessories.

8x6 Halls Qube Greenhouse

The aluminum material is covered with a powder coat finish with a black color. The coating increases the structures ability to resist the elements, which means it can help extend the unit’s life span. It also protects the interior from corrosion and water damage. Furthermore, the black color enhances the aesthetic appeal of the greenhouse. The clear glass and black color help show off the unit’s elegant frame while still keeping that look of a traditional greenhouse.

Keep in mind that a greenhouse is not just a place where you merely put dirt, tools, plants, and pots. It should be treated as an extension of your home. Thankfully, this new design of Halls Qube can help you achieve that effortlessly with it’s modern sleek design.

When shopping for Halls Greenhouses, you often have the option of having a standard or toughened glass. With Halls Qube, all units come with a toughened glass variety as standard. While some may not like this, you’re better off with a toughened glass anyway. It last longer, is safer, stiffer and easier to keep clean, which means it gives you the best value for the money.

The glass is 3mm thick. It’s tempered glass, and it’s a lot stronger compared to the usual horticultural variety. Aside from being more durable, the toughened glass offers other benefits. For example, the glass shatters into smaller pieces in case it breaks. Ordinary glass creates shards, which is a lot more dangerous. This makes toughened glass a better option if you have pets or children in the house.

Wire Bracing

Keep in mind that if you are shopping for Halls Qube, make sure that you are getting the genuine tempered glass that is supposed to come with the product. Some retailers replace the tempered glass with a standard one and only sell the frame. This is an effort to make the deal more attractive as they can offer it a lower price. It’s highly advisable that you don’t buy that because the authentic tempered glass is customized to fit perfectly with the structure. You won’t get that perfect fit with other types of glass. Or, you can, but it will be a very tedious procedure.

The Halls Qube comes in three sizes:

· 6 feet wide by 6 feet deep (6x6)

· 6 feet wide by 8 feet deep (8x6)

· 6 feet wide by 10 feet deep (6x10)

Qube Sliding Door Inovation

All of the Halls Qube sizes come with a sliding door with a nice chunky handle. This feature makes it really stylish compared to the swing type. Furthermore, it’s a perfect choice if the area is a bit tight as a sliding door doesn’t take any space when it opens. There’s an option to place a padlock on the sliding door, which adds a bit of security if you think you need it. If you have kids in the house, you might want to place a lock as they might wander into the greenhouse and perhaps that’s something that you don’t want, for safety reasons.

Glazing Bar Capping

In some other greenhouse products, the bar capping is often optional and comes at an extra cost. With a Halls Qube, it already comes as standard. The beauty of the Halls Qube is its cube-like frame, which allows for easy integration of the bar capping. As a result, there’s no need to fiddle with wire clips and such. The finished look is also a lot more streamlined and modern.

Reinforced Greenhouse Frames

The Halls Qube comes with reinforced frames. It’s an invaluable feature, especially for windy locations. Halls Qube Greenhouses include metal bracing for roof frame and metal wire bracing for the side walls. All of these are aimed at making the entire structure more rigid.

Halls Qube Frame Profile — Clever Design!

Wide Greenhouse Gutters

You can say that the guttering of the Halls Qube is on the premium side. While most greenhouses come with a 3–4 cm wide gutter, Halls Qube features a 6 cm. The extra width can help a lot when it comes to capturing more rainwater and diverting it to the appropriate location.

Halls Qube Accessories

Halls Qube Black Integrated Staging

Halls offer a few Qube specific accessories that we like a lot. The new integrated staging and shelving is perfect for the greenhouse. Both staging and shelves run the full length of the greenhouse and anchor to the sides of the structure as well as having cantilver supports for added solidity. Both are powder coated in black to match the greenhouse.

Halls Qube Shelving

Halls offer a nice large louvre window for extra ventilation. A louvre is an essential addition as far as we’re concerned, and this Halls one for the Qube is great quality.

Halls Qube Base Plinth

The Qube doesn’t come with a base plinth as standard. This means that you would have to build a brick or timber plinth for it to sit on. Not an ideal solution for everyone.
However there is an optional base plinth that you may pay extra for when you order. In our opinion it’s totally worth it, essential even from a pratical standpoint. The base plinth is low threshold meaning that there is no “trip hazard” to step over to enter the greenhouse.

Convenient Installation

When compared to other greenhouses, the Halls Qube is simply a breeze to set up. This is largely to the innovative cube-shape frame that allows for easy assembly while reducing the overall construction time. It’s perfect for DIY gardeners.
Of course, it is possible to have your greenhouse installed for you by a trained Halls Greenhouse Installer when buying from Greenhouse Stores online.


One of the tell-tale signs of whether a company is confident about its product is if they offer a guarantee. You’d be pleased to know that Halls Qube is backed by a 15-year frame guarantee. As a consumer, this offer can bring a lot of peace of mind.

Halls Qube Greenhouse Prices

With all of the premium and high-quality features, you may be starting to worry that the Halls Qube may be expensive. Well, it’s not the cheapest greenhouse out there. The good news is that it’s also not the costliest. It’s in the middle range, but the features can rival some of the high-end ones. Thus, it offers excellent value for the money.


If you’re looking for a greenhouse, then Halls Qube is perhaps one of the best options. It scores very well in the aesthetics department. Furthermore, it’s strong and durable that you can expect it to last for decades. If the frame fails for some reason apart from intentional damage, there’s a company guarantee to help you out.

Perhaps the biggest reason for choosing the Halls Qube is the value you will be getting. As mentioned above, it’s a greenhouse that’s priced in the mid-range. However, its features, construction, and design make it seem like it belongs on the higher end. In other words, it’s like paying for a mid-class item and getting something that’s on the high-end side.

Bottom line, it’s hard to make a mistake by getting the Halls Qube Greenhouse. Buy online from the UK’s Leading Halls Greenhouse Retailer with optional Installation Service from Greenhouse Stores here.

Halls Qube 6ft x 6ft Greenhouse