please try to hear the words i never say
try to understand, if you may
this incredibly deep thorn in my side
it’s something that i try to hide
if you knew the severity of my pain
i fear you would look at me with disdain
i have no control over the demons that visit
they give me no choice but to listen
it takes all i have to stay in one piece
waiting for the sinister whispers to cease
there are moments when it becomes too much
and my precious skin has been met by a metal touch
when i’m alone is when they choose to devour
and don’t you dare call me a coward
when you have had monsters tearing at your very being
when you have been left broken and bleeding
tell me then how my misery isn’t real
try and tell me how to feel
oh silly me, wasting my breath
trying to explain a living death
i know i will never be fully understood
i just want you to wish you could.