In Pictures: The Arctic Sunrise in the Barents Sea

We are currently in the Barents Sea documenting the stunning beauty and pristine environment of the Bear Island which has the biggest seabird colony in the northern hemisphere with 33 species nesting on the island. Statoil, the Norwegian state-owned company, is planning to drill in the area after the Norwegian government issued new licenses for drilling close to the island. These photos taken this month by onboard photographer Will Rose show the amazing beauty and wildlife of the island.

Common Guillemots (white eye) and Brunich’s Guillemot (centre) with Kapp Kolthoff and Fuglefjellet in the background.
Humpback and Minke whales spotted feeding off the south coast of Bear Island.
Every year approx. 1.5 million birds nest here. 126 species have been registered at the island. Several of the nesting species are threatened or endangered such as Guillemots and kittiwakes.
Kittiwakes nesting in Sørhamna, south east Bear Island.
A Puffin by its burrow in Sørhamna, south east Bear Island (right)
Greenpeace voyage to Bear Island
Guillemots on a rock at Bear Island and view of Jetvika, south east Bear Island
Jetvika, south east Bear Island
Jetvika, south east Bear Island
The MV Arctic Sunrise in the Barents Sea

Angela Glienicke Picture Editor at Greenpeace UK

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