What Are We Waiting For?

Heard the saying which goes along the line of “When one door closes, another door opens?” Now here’s the second part some of us have not heard: “Are you taking notice and acting upon it then or in time to come?”

A situation many of us relate to when we revert to what’s familiar, the routine of “things will get better”. Attribute it to external forces like destiny, karma or within ourselves toiling with more sweat and tears.

The Worker Ant Syndrome

Not too long ago, a dear colleague was resigning. Terribly long hours, lack of recognition, “usual” office politics were impacting the work-life balance in Singapore.

What was strange to this colleague was the questions received:

  • How is it possible that you decided to leave?
  • Won’t staying longer make you more recognised for your efforts?
  • I thought you were happy, weren’t you?

I like to call it the “Worker Ant Syndrome” where work never stops, done collectively in a team, the ants forage and scour for achievements in the workplace with all their effort and might.

In a national survey in Singapore, over half or 55% of respondents said their work demands ate into their family time more than they liked, up from 47 per cent in past years.

By no means, an uncommon sight in Singapore.

So are you allowing yourself to decide on your happiness or is the workplace significantly controlling this belief?

So what are we waiting for? The opportunities we realise too late. The self-esteem and inner confidence we lack of that we are indeed more than capable. The imbalance between happiness with our daily demands.

Recall that thought when you accepted your first job. Have YOU, been CONSCIOUSLY, shaping your OWN future since then?

Just some food-for-thought for the new work week ahead!

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