Oh really?
Anselmo Heidrich

why not the climate change does not give rise to the growth of the Political Left?

Because the far left is not anti-migration or nativist. Duh.

many leftist intellectuals like to blame Capitalism for the industrialization and pollution that leads to climate change generated by human action

You’re conflating two vastly different issues: nativism and environmentalism. There are right wing environmentalists out there who also blame excesses of capitalism for pollution and propose more capitalism and incentives for new businesses to solve these problems. (By the way, since it seems like you will need this spelled out, that’s the general solution the article you’re trying to respond to endorses.)

Your basic argument that climate forces migration and a political reaction does not make sense to me…

Well, I can’t think for you, you’re going to have to do that yourself. If you’re convinced that climate change never triggered human migration or caused any sort of conflict, you’ll need to read pretty much the whole history of our species, which got started in no small part due to migration in response to natural climate changes over the last 300,000 years or so.

On the other hand, wars, which are often fostered by parties that wear a fantasy of “progressives”, are a direct threat to the stability of these peoples.

I’m just quoting this on the off chance someone other than yourself can dig out anything redeemable as a cogent thought in this political hot take salad and decipher it for the rest of us.

The consideration that labor is disappearing due to industrial automation and robotics does not proceed, in fact, this is not the reality.

Sounds like the words of a man in denial that he’s about to be replaced by an app or a machine. All those links are backed up with studies from experts in the subject all over the world and I have personally automated jobs, writing code to do what used to be done by a person over the course of an hour in a matter of milliseconds. So yeah, it’s the reality.

What happens is the generation of new jobs and an evolution of the level of comfort, thanks to the advancement of technology.

People need to be trained for those new jobs, which is where we’re failing. If you want to argue a tangental subject, at least pretend you did some reading on it, please.

The shortage in job creation or unemployment if you prefer to call it that, in a more dramatic tone is the lack of deregulation of the market, whose rules and regulations hinder free initiative.

You do know when you try to be condescending, it comes off as you trying way too hard, not as the musings of an expert, right? I mean you’re trying to argue that lack of qualified employees for a new generation of jobs thanks to underinvestment in job training and failure of colleges to modernize is the end result of unspecified regulations. That’s like arguing that we can’t cure lung cancer because doctors work in hospitals. It’s meaningless drivel.

If the Left wants to be taken seriously and give an answer to the supposed “fanatic right-wingers” they have to respond to this problem and not just ignore it.

They did, they have, and it’s working to a large extent. It’s just that the far right will only accept a solution involving deportation, banning any and all traces of their native customs and culture, or stripping them of all rights in civil society.