You said I was paid to spread fake news or maybe you meant the articles I used were somehow paid by…
John the Logical

You said I was paid to spread fake news or maybe you meant the articles I used were somehow paid by oil interests.

I said the latter and you know I said the latter. Get off your cross.

It’s exactly the opposite.

And asserting it makes it true? Please learn to lie better, or at least in more entertaining ways.

These countries have been slaughtered by the green policies which is why they are building coal now.

Oh yes, poor Germany, Australia, and Japan, three of the 20 most advanced economies in the world, which deploy a mix of renewables and fossil fuels for capacity realignments and are building coal plants for various reasons, all of them short term, and all of them with many other factors than you and the blogs for fossil shills you linked to present. And which, by the way. I’ve shown to be completely false with references.

The climate change hoax is the biggest scam pulled on the world. [ lazy and uninspired boilerplate denialist foaming at the mouth follows ]

You can at least try to be original and quit copy/pasting the same inane, lazy up is down black is white denialism. It’s tedious reading the same fact free, inane conspiracy mongering.

Just within the last month we have seen a whistle blower expose another case of deceit by climate scientists used to line their own pockets.

Except he didn’t. One researcher who disputes being the “whistleblower” in question, disagreed with an algorithm used by NOAA and got into a debate with scientists, despite having no relevant experience or education to tell if that algorithm was correct. This algorithm, by the way, was one of a whole array of algorithms used on climate data.

They faked data, they produced faulty algorithms again.

Except their models did a terrific job of predicting actual temperatures. You are literally telling people to ignore what their lying eyes tell them. Out of the last 17 years, 14 have broken average global high temperature records. That’s a fact. Flailing and denying it is just you doing your best Black Knight from Monty Python impression.

They were shown to have colluded again for political purposes but the media won’t cover it.

On what planet under what rock do you live? News about global warming, climate change, and the conspiracy bullshit that makes you breathe funny for reasons best not explained, always dominate the headlines when they come out. People like you simply seem to lack the capacity to understand that not agreeing with something doesn’t mean it wasn’t covered.

Literally not a word I say has a single statement with any scientific merit.

Fixed that for you. It also lacks intellectual integrity or even a pretense that it’s not drawn from sources which proudly call themselves advocacy groups for the oil and gas industry in their titles, about pages, and taglines.

You can veleive this fake news and live in the liberal bubble but I ask you to consider how healthy that is?

Healthier than worshipping the word of paid shills for an industry as the word of Gospel and lashing out at imaginary bogeymen you think are out to get you.

You are going to be mentally scarred by listening to this crap like you were by the election results.

Your obvious hysterical fear of and fury at data that you don’t like doesn’t exactly boast of your mental health.

When the reality finally makes the daylight and people realize how far off the models are from reality…

Except I just provided a paper that shows they’re pretty much dead on.

when people realize how much money was lost and wasted by the fake science and scam artists pushing an agenda to line their own pockets.

Except climate funding stayed flat in inflation adjusted terms for the last 20 years or so. If you want to line your pockets, it’s hard to do that with a net zero increase in funding.

So in one sentence you basically sad two things we categorically know aren’t true with such conviction that I can only conclude one of two things. Either you’re a liar doing this on purpose, or you are an ignoramus with your head so far up your own intestines, removing it would require a surgical effort.

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