If you are implying I’m paid by Putin, I’m not.
Artem Gruzdev

No, I felt the need to point out that if you’re that unable to tell a difference between citing someone’s numerous public failures as they brag about being supposedly successful, and reporting on their own admissions of saying and doing perverted things, and political propaganda, you should at least think about a career as a paid internet liar since you’re already doing it for free.

I was born in the former USSR, I’m fluent in Russian, and I have access to Russian TV. And I’ve met more than my share of spineless sycophants for oligarchs and autocrats, hoping they’ll get a piece of the action by singing praises to them. This is not about Clinton vs. Trump. The election is over. It’s just about the fact that Americans now have to deal with a pathological liar as their president and hordes of trolls making excuses for his election.

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