You’re talking about me using circular logic when you keep going back to clinical diagnoses, haha.

Maybe you don’t understand what rhetorical means.

No, I’m pretty sure you’re just trying to escape the fact that you bit off way more than you could chew, had your little Gish Gallop picked apart, given plenty of supporting links with which you can’t argue, and now trying to do the old “you played yourself, I had a secret agenda to fool you all along!” card to save face.

I’ve made my point which was simple to understand from the beginning

It was not a well argued or well supported point.

I believe that you are smart enough to look at the evidence for yourself

Like the screenshots of which I included in my links? Yeah, I did that. Are you confusing “look at evidence” and “agree with it” in the same way you confused “rhetorical joke” and “made a fool of myself” earlier?

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