It’s very interesing what have you written.
Przemysław Kitowski

Specific absorption rate is not a type of radiation, it’s how that radiation is dealt with by the human body. Holding up your cell phone to your skin will produce about one watt of energy at the very most. That energy dissipates in the topmost layers of the skin and would not reach your living tissues to do any damage, even on a microscopic scale. By contrast, your body produces about 100 watts which are necessary to keep it functioning.

But it’s not just about the energy, it’s also about the wavelength, and there’s no evidence that your body can be penetrated by electromagnetic radiation put out by electronics because it has far too low of a frequency along with too little energy. Dangerous radioactive sources do have enough energy and a high enough frequency to actually pass through you, rearranging the cells in your tissues on the way out.

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