Facebook Is Fighting the Worst Fake News Offenders
Steven Levy

Ultimately, even if it’s successful in scraping the bottom of the barrel, Facebook may wind up still mired in fake-news issues, only a little higher up the media food chain.

This is the old “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” sort of thing that’s very popular in Buddhism and tech. It also makes more sense than starting higher up the food chain the in the first place. All the fake news at a higher level often draws from what the bottom feeders are churning out. It’s an ecosystem where fake news gets recycled and quoted and promoted until it becomes a major story. Taking out this base means a lot less fodder for those higher up the chain.

By including outside vetters in its process, Facebook will leave itself open to questions why all news-based posts aren’t subject to fact-checking.

Probably because there’s too much to fact-check. If they eliminate all the low-hanging fruit, they can choke off the fake news oxygen the way I just explained, and then pass off a much more manageable news stream to all the fact checkers working with them.

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