Editorial note: Some readers may observe that it’s been two years since I wrote an article for this blog. This was due to putting UFOs on the backburner while working on a big human rights investigation. But I’m ready to get back into it as 2020 is an exciting time for UFOlogy thanks to Tom DeLonge & TTSA. This article takes a look at another compelling connection between UFOs & rock music.

Phish’s 1997 festival in Limestone, Maine

Last week’s excellent new retrospective from journalist Brett Tingley on the legendary 1975 UFO incident at the Loring Air Force Base in Limestone, Maine has inspired yours truly…

Editorial note: This open letter to Trump supporters was inspired by the conjunction of World UFO Day & the 4th of July

The birthday of the United States of America falls just two days after what has become World UFO Day on July 2 (in honor of the 1947 Roswell incident that largely launched the modern UFO age.) American politics and the politics of UFO Disclosure have been deeply intertwined ever since and this seems like an important time to address both since the intelligence community charlatan known as “QAnon” is allegedly promising big events for Disclosure here in July.

As the 50-year anniversary of the 1947 Roswell UFO incident approached in the summer of 1997, the U.S. Air Force sought to head off the hoopla by issuing a new report to explain what happened out there in the New Mexico desert that July.

Comet Hale-Bopp

1997 was the year that this reporter was drawn into the UFOlogy rabbit hole, and what a year for UFOlogy it was! There was a mind-boggling slew of strange occurrences, many of which resonate with ongoing mystery to this day. This series of “Greg Black Flashback” columns will set the flux capacitor to turn the clock back 20 years and re-examine these issues, highlighting their relevance to Disclosure activism in 2017.

The Phoenix Lights

The most witnessed UFO sighting in modern American history occurred on March 13, 1997 throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area and across Arizona, with reports coming in…

By Greg Black

For serious followers of the UFO phenomenon, the concept of extraterrestrial (and perhaps interdimensional) visitation to Earth is not a question mark but a reality with a vast array of extensive historical evidence. The question for the Disclosure movement is how to break on through to the other side of the “Truth Embargo” — aka the UFO cover-up — that’s been in place since at least the 1940s. …

An Introduction to ET and Disclosure Journalism

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

This is a short post to introduce myself and get familiar with Medium’s content management system. Greg Black is not my given Earth name, but rather a pen name I’ve taken due to my avid interest in a subject that generally remains taboo in certain professions. The subject? UFOs and Extraterrestrial visitation to Earth. The profession in this case? Journalism.

UFOs and ETs have been in a bigger spotlight over the past couple years thanks to John Podesta and Hillary Clinton speaking out on the topic a number of times. But the mainstream…

Greg Black - The Truth is Still Out There

Undercover journalist on the UFO Disclosure/UAP Activist beat #TheTruthIsOutThere #Disclosure #UFOs #UAPs

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