Trump is Not “Taking on the Cabal” in the Deep State or for UFO Disclosure

Editorial note: This open letter to Trump supporters was inspired by the conjunction of World UFO Day & the 4th of July

The birthday of the United States of America falls just two days after what has become World UFO Day on July 2 (in honor of the 1947 Roswell incident that largely launched the modern UFO age.) American politics and the politics of UFO Disclosure have been deeply intertwined ever since and this seems like an important time to address both since the intelligence community charlatan known as “QAnon” is allegedly promising big events for Disclosure here in July.

As a progressive who has strongly supported Bernie Sanders’ campaign for political revolution, this reporter has spent too much time attempting to debate with Trump supporters who naively buy Donald Trump’s populist con job. It’s difficult to reason with GOP cultists who are so immune to facts and reason that they can view the Orange Swine as a hero, but it seems an important time to lay out some key points here and then move on because there are bigger fish to fry for both the political revolution and the Disclosure movement.

#1- Trump is not draining the swamp, he is the King of the Swamp Things. The appointments of Scott Pruitt to head the EPA and Rick Perry to head the DOE make this all too clear, not to mention all the other industry cronies from Rex Tillerson on down. Trump may be removing one set of cronies, but he’s merely installing a more crass class who are loyal to his foul domain. Trump supporters seem to have a hard time understanding this since they have an aversion to science — -especially climate science — — because acknowledging it would dry up the GOP’s campaign funding from the Koch Brothers crowd.

#2 — Trump is not “taking on the cabal” as alleged insider “Qanon” has duped too many people into believing, including frequent Ancient Aliens guest David Wilcock (who has trashed his own reputation by pushing this garbage.) Qanon is a classic propaganda psy-op scam to convince gullible people that Trump is a hero rather than the villain he is.

If Trump was the outsider that his supporters like to believe, he wouldn’t have Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman as one of his top economic advisors. Schwarzman is part of the Skull and Bones secret society that has corruptly occupied so many levels of society through the decades, from the Bush Crime Family to Obama having Bonesmen like Austan Goolsbee as a cabinet member/economic advisor and John Kerry as his first Secretary of State. The Bonesmen are always there, regardless of which party holds the Oval Office. This is a surefire giveaway that Trump comes from the same elitist circles as his predecessors.

#3 — Anthropomorphic climate change is real and is a big part of why Trump is a genuine menace to society. This has been empirically documented by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists who moved their Doomsday Clock up to 11:58 pm this year (mainly due to Trump’s position ignoring climate change and the ever growing nuclear threat with Trump now pushing the nuclear modernization boondoogle that first gained momentum during Obama’s last term.) This is another area where Scott Pruitt and now his successor Andrew Wheeler have been a menace to society in gutting the the EPA to make the USA more of a petro state when the climate change problem demands the opposite.

#4 — Regardless of what occurred on the immigration issue under the Obama administration, Trump has made the issue far worse with his “zero tolerance” policy that has become a humanitarian disaster while it also just so happens to help enrich the private prison industry that has backed him.

#5 — Trump backers are not a national majority. The Orange Swine “won” the election with just over a quarter of the electorate vs about the same for Clinton. Close to half of the American electorate chose “none of the above”. And acclaimed investigative journalist Greg Palast has reported that Trump still needed theft of some states to pull it off. Palast isn’t partisan though, he also reported on how Bernie Sanders was robbed in the primaries. Some Trump supporters wonder why people don’t want to date Trump staffers or serve them at restaurants. It’s because the Trump regime is detested by the majority of Americans for its assault on humanity.

#6 — The fact that classic rock stars such as Roger Waters and U2 have toured America over the past year calling out Trump for the fascist swine that he is should be telling as to his true nature. But most Trump backers seem to be squares who have little if any clue about how the rock and roll counterculture movement is about peace and love, something the Trump regime sits on the opposite side of the spectrum from.

#7 — Many Trump backers make the mistake of assuming that all who favor the Democratic Party over the Republican Party must inherently be huge fans of the Clintons and Obama. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many progressives have recognized the Clintons and Obama as wolves in sheep’s clothing for their Wall Street overlords, hence the popularity of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign for political revolution that was thwarted in a primary rigged by the DNC and their minions in the corrupt corporate media.

#8 — Media corruption does not however mean that the mainstream media is all fake news all the time, as so many naive Trump backers now believe. While it’s true that the mainstream media has become deeply corrupted by editorial conflict of interest with corporate ownership, realists should acknowledge that this is the same corporate media which gave Trump huge amounts of free publicity to help elevate him during the same time it sought to block the Sanders campaign. This is revealing.

#9 — Democratic Socialism is not communism. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself on how it is merely a system that proposes sane controls on capitalism and federal spending to make it work for a sustainable society and planet. Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Socialists of America are not offering “free stuff”, they are merely proposing that American tax dollars be used in a more equitable manner to better serve society. The political revolution is gaining steam once again with the huge primary win by Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Expect this to continue now that a truly winning formula has been established of inspiring those who don’t vote to feel that they do have a reason to do so.

#10 — And last but not least, the UFO cover-up. While certain charlatans in the UFOlogy movement like David Wilcock and Michael Salla are pushing the idea that the Trump regime is “taking on the cabal” and getting ready to offer some sort of “Disclosure”, all of the preceding points indicate how absurd this is. Disclosure would inherently lead to a paradigm shifting revolution that would change the world with the free energy technology that Earth’s visitors use to get here. If Trump offers anything here, it’s certain to be a small bit of truth sandwiched between a large amount of deception to spark some sort of profiteering scheme to weaponize space while holding back the deeper cosmic reality. This may in fact be why Tom DeLonge and his To the Stars Academy project gained so much traction in 2017, because they view Trump as an obstacle and are going after the truth that Trump wouldn’t dare disclose.

In summary, if you keep these points in mind during Trump’s inevitable fall, it should help you to understand what’s going on. Perhaps you can even start to see why he and his controllers pose an existential threat to society before that and join the good people of America in opposing this totalitarian regime. Both the political revolution and the UFO Disclosure movement will welcome your overdue awakening…