7 Ways Braxit is like Brexit

Bombshell. Angeline Jolie is filing for divorce from Brad Pitt. America is finally freed from the strained amalgamation #Brangelina.

Second Bombshell. I was the first person to name this seismic split the Braxit.

(seriously. check for yourself)

1) It came as a shock

Just like no one would ever suspect Great Britian to try and set themselves part from continental Europe, no one could have ever guessed Brad Pitt’s wife would file for divorce over irreconcilable differences.

2) Most Americans didn’t know either were wed


3) Terrible Accents

Brad Pitt’s 8 accents rated.

8 more from Angelina Jolie

4) Angelina Jolie is a London School of Economics lecturer

And she was over in London last week. Cribbing notes on how to split?

5) TMZ covered both

(here is the exent of their Brexit coverage)

6) This will take a while to sort out

England is still in the EU. Brangelina is still technically together.

7) Jermey Corbyn is still here

Have another reason Brexit & Braxit are eerily similar? Leave it below 👇